Ollie, Ollie, Oxen-Free!

Rich Engle

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Perigo and Weiss cross their scary-bad super-Kass light sabers, but pause in brief truce, engaging in a moment of mutuality, agreeing that they are by no means quiche eaters...Behold the Clint Eastwood-like testosterone flow:


Fred thinks Perigo is playing the Nancy-Boy card on ARIans:

Look, ARIians are not shrinking violets and we don't subscribe to the phoney and sickening "hugs and kisses" approach of e.g. the Ollies.


Ah yes...Ollie amore'.... mmmm, yummy!

Yuppers, really laying down the pipe, John Wayne style! No huggies and kissies ~there~, I can assure you! My wife yes, my dog maybe, but my gun, NEVER!

I ~so~ want to dump him in East Cleveland after the sun goes down. It is time to Test His True Manliness<tm>. You thought it was hard for Batman to get off that ninja camp in the last movie...hoofa!! I'll even give him a Bowie knife and a pack of matches- that should be more than adequate for Rambo, here.

In a deft moment of mutual manly recognition... (I hear Tara's Theme from Gone With The Wind coming on...). The two generals tete-a-tete as the smoke still pours over the bloodied field...

Now Fred, you know I wouldn't want ARIans, or anyone at all, to be shrinking violets, and that I regard Brandroid O-Liars & their touchy-feely phoney "love" as beneath contempt & unspeakably nauseating.

What the f**k is he talking about? I don't see no $%# quiche-eating-light-in-the-loafers-cupcakes no where round hyeah! HELL, no!

And I sure as shit don't see any air conducting or excess Mario Lanza listening, either...

Why don't they just settle their scores with some Greco Roman Wrestling, or a cage match, or some other thing befitting this powerful macho-osity... :---)

And another thing to these two monkeys: Our women are better-looking over here, too! Matter of fact, here's one for the ladies...mine is out for two weeks camping, and I feel the need to wax romantic. Perhaps some Robert Burns, since Fred's all about this kissing crap:

"To A Kiss"

Humid seal of soft affections,

Tend'rest pledge of future bliss,

Dearest tie of young connections,

Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss.

Speaking silence, dumb confession,

Passion's birth, and infants' play,

Dove-like fondness, chaste concession,

Glowing dawn of brighter day.

Sorrowing joy, adieu's last action,

Ling'ring lips, -- no more to join!

What words can ever speak affection

Thrilling and sincere as thine!


Off to watch reruns of the FBI, drink beer, and clean his pistol.

"Do you like gladiator movies, Timmy?"

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