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I just watched this science fiction movie titled Sunshine on Sunday. It is a story about a crew of 8 on a mission to re-ignite the dying Sun in the Solar system.

I compare it to other sci-fi movies I've watched, I will say the CGI effects in it is first-rate.

Apart from some other science fiction movies (e.g. Alien Vs. Predator, Chronicles of Riddick, Transformers and Serenity etc.) that shows more intense actions, instead it shows more on the psychological side of the crew members living in the vast empty space and under the immense pressure on completing a high-risk mission that may or may not succeed at the end.

After watching the movie, I am a bit surprised that the movie did not receive a much better receptions from the general audiences back in 2007. I guess that may be because the movie doesn't have all those high flying popular notions of heroism in saving the world like the movie Spider Man or Superman does.

I think this movie is not about altruism or sacrificing yourself to save the world, though I will admit that the side-effect of the mission at the end is saving human civilization from dying out. It is more about ordinary folks doing their jobs and don't ask for recognition and rewards from the world. At the end, each of them pays a heavy price. But I guess that most of them are happy and accepting the risk for the passion in each of them doing what they love to do.

- Antihero3000

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