Rare book “Saphira” illustrated by Capuletti on eBay.


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For those interested in Capuletti:

Rare book “Saphira” with illustrations by José Manuel Capuletti on eBay.


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The description on ebay makes no sense:

This is a book measuring approx. 13" x 10", limited edition, number 6 of 100 published in 1963, containing 3 illustrations by Capuletti. The illustrations in the distinct style of Capuletti are the beauty of this book.The story called Saphira, is a fantasy, the author is Christopher Paolini, printed in Spanish, its preface is in French.

Wiki has information about the story, referenced as part of a series in the 'Inheritance Cycle.'

The book is signed by a member of the Royal Academy, Anne Cirie, whose name also appears on the front cover.

The book is unread, several pages are joined together at the top in an uncut form.

The pages can be separated. I purchased the book to enjoy the art

The book was published in 1963, twenty years before the birth of

Christopher Paolini (1983) the author of Eragon (2003)? Capuletti died

in 1976, seven years before Paolini was born.

My best guess is that the Paolini of Eragon has nothing to do with the book Saphira.

Talk about "fantasy" novels!

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I have an illustrated brochure of the Capuletti exhibition at the Hammer Galleries in 1970 autographed by the artist whom I met that one and only time. The irony is that Armand Hammer was a big Soviet apologist and fellow traveller head of Occidental Petroleum who provided effective financing to Lenin in the 1920s. He brokered a lot of art out of Russia. Rand kept her lip zipped. I don't know if Hammer had any connection to that business in 1970 other than his name.


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I read Hammer's bio a few years ago (I just found it here on Amazon). The Hammer Gallery stuff was a front to launder money for some of the Soviet government's subversive activities outside of Russia. I remember this being pretty well documented in the book, at least as much as something like that can be.

I wonder what Rand would have thought of this if she had known. (Well... I think I already know... :) .)

btw - Art works and patents are two favorite areas outside of charity for laundering money because of the huge valuations based on subjective values. (You can learn all kinds of stuff in Brazil...)


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