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Greetings folks"

Since the lesser of two evils hopefully will be selected on November 4th, 2008, I thought it would be fun to see who can come the closest to predicting the final outcome of this quadrennial event.

Towards that end, this is one of my favorite sites in the political gestalt.

Since Randians are not automatically against wagering, we could actually start a pool and add some real value, shekels, drachmas, lire, yen, pounds and maybe US dollars[if they sill have value] and the host can hold the money bets.

Another site of extreme interest because following the money is a solid way to follow politics. Very resently, like yesterday, something quite "strange" spiked on two of the wagering sites in Britain.

Yes, I am this obsessed with politics! lol

Anyone interested?

Shayne, I will personally book all your bets on the Ron Paul write-in campaign that you will soon announce.


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