Anonymous posters, please do not quote me

Robert Campbell

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I'm going to have to issue the same request that Jenna W made a little over a month ago:

If you are posting anonymously or pseudonymously on any forum or message board, please do not quote me. I am not posting anonymously or pseudonymously anywhere. I don't want anyone else posting under no name or a false name anywhere while posing as my supporter or representative. You are not doing me a favor and I do not approve of your actions.



Robert Campbell

PS. I quit commenting on NoodleFood in May 2004, and have no intention of ever leaving a comment there again.

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Hear hear!

We all can speak for ourselves. Whoever quotes us in hostile surroundings should at least use their real names.

One dude tried to pose as me once under a pseudonym at SLOP, but it was a weak amateurish attempt that became obvious even to the SLOPPERS. //;-)) (I just made that name up...)

I don't need a pseudonym or another person's website to talk bad about those folks.


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Putting them in a box and poking at them with sharp sticks aside, the current thing that I find to be the most amusing is how it appears that the curmudgeons are urging the fresh young pups to write these whacked out testimonials, nauseous movie reviews, and so on. It's like when WWII Germany was on its knees and Der Furious was down to the youth and the old people. Always a sign of near-collapse.


Fresh blood? I don' theenk so.

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