Shaya, Objectivism and Kindness

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He probably tried.

But don't forget that his system works best with introverted people, not loud-mouthed know-it-alls.

You can find both in the Libertarian Party, but I'll leave it to the reader to speculate on percentages.



Fair enough.

I did think he was one of the best candidates.


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The last post on this thread was 2011 and now is 2022.

I have not changed in any manner regarding empathy except, maybe, to give more importance to it today in relation to back then.

I have learned there is a neuroscientific basis for empathy (predominantly involving oxytocin). Responding to distress signals is part of human biology. But I also feel strong surges of empathy for people in helpless positions when there are no distress signals and they get moments of acceptance and happiness.


For example, I just saw this on Twitter and the tears came to me. I am not one who easily cries, and I didn't here, but, damn was it a struggle. My eyes are still wet...


I don't see either-or with this.

We can have Randian heroes and we can have this.

And we can have Randian heroes who have this, too.

To the extent I aspire to be a productive rational hero in a Randian sense, I am also bringing this with me. Without apology...



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