Why Nobody Takes PARC Seriously Anymore

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Jennifer Burns considers herself personally entitled to condemn PARC in terms as harsh as any that have ever been used around here.

But then she considers herself entitled to use reactions to the book and its author by PARC's critics as grounds for writing them off in their turn.

In effect, only Dr. Burns is permitted to criticize Mr. Valliant or his opus. No one else outside of Randland can be bothered, while everyone inside of Randland is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

That's a typically uppity Paleo Objectivist for you.


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Shoshana Milgram, who is (or was), the authorized biographer of Rand appeared 7/29 on the Strive Face Book group (Strive is an ARI-associated student group).

The recording isn't up yet.  She did discuss PARC starting at 1 hour.  Unfortunately I got booted off when I (perhaps foolishly) mentioned that people should read my rebuttal.

Hopefully the full recording will be up soon.


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