Are we Living like Ostriches Here at this Site?


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He's achieved the distinction of being the first lunatic I had to block on PM.


He's achieved the distinction of being the first nutter I've had to cancel.....twice.


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I had heard about various conspiracies all my life and considered that most of them were probably true based on what I knew about the Kennedy Assassination. I assumed that government must be criminal or else they would do a proper investigation.

In 2001 I saw 9/11 happen and concluded immediately after seeing the building collapse that it was a controlled event. I found this interesting. Then I dealt with the Law Society of Upper Canada to complain about crimes committed by a lawyer. The level of corruption in that place hit me like a pile of bricks. I see it all now and am an avid conspiracy theorist, desperately trying to wake up as many people as possible.

I don't think most people see it until they experience the level of corruption in our society for themselves. This is why conspiracies are often flogged by "non mainstream peaople". People that are comfortable do not want to think about this stuff. Dealing with lawyers in Canada can make one awfully uncomfortable, even before the wallet comes out. The whole system is rotten up here.

I believe our society is becoming populated with psychopaths at the top and that they tend to stick togather to take over the planet and create a fascist world dictatorship. Psychopaths are always afraid of being discovered and their fear is driving this.

I think the stuff about Jews, etc is to distract us from truth. I really don't think the whole thing is being led by Jewish bankers. They have been scapegoated, and they are always scapegoated because they are a small group. In many cases they are the front men, but the front men are never the ones actually in control.

I read a great book on psychopaths called "The Psychopath Next Door" by Margaret Stout, a Harvard Phd. Its easily readable and very informative using case studies and fictional examples. Anyone can read this book, everyone should IMO.

People that are comfortable tend to ostrich their way away from truth. Humans are not rational or objective.

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I read a great book on psychopaths called "The Psychopath Next Door" by Margaret Stout, a Harvard Phd. Its easily readable and very informative using case studies and fictional examples. Anyone can read this book, everyone should IMO.

Actually, the book is "The SOCIOPATH Next Door", by MARTHA Stout.


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I read a great book on psychopaths called "The Psychopath Next Door" by Margaret Stout, a Harvard Phd. Its easily readable and very informative using case studies and fictional examples. Anyone can read this book, everyone should IMO.

Actually, the book is "The SOCIOPATH Next Door", by MARTHA Stout.


Can you be both? I'm trying to broaden out.


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I wouldn't spend too much time trying to wake people up, even here. It is knee-jerk, you will be instantly branded a conspiracy whacko.

Oddly, even when you lay down hard facts, the reaction is usually limited:

1. You are paranoid

2. Request for more facts, repeat in endless loop

3. Some manner of scolding/disdain

You can grab head by hair and point it at a hot, smoking gun, and mostly, expect blank-out, as they say.

It's more like chess; by the time you provide what is requested, time goes by and you forget why it even started. One minute you are trying to talk about the police beating the crap out of yet another person, next thing you know, you're asked for clarification about something Hume or somebody wrote, which you may or may not have read.

It's about comfort. And here I thought you could fix that by making a shrimp cocktail and watching Andy Griffin, say.

Whatever you do, don't start talking about basics like the Bilderberg Group.

It's about the same as trying to explain that there are different kinds of religious people. Actually, you can just use the word religion along with few other ones, and they run to the swamps. You're either with 'em, or agin' 'em.

Don't mess with microcosms: their owners bite.


It ain't Kansas, anymore


~I know what I like and/I like what I know~

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When 'conspiracy ideation' differs from delusion ... from ten years ago. I though of lurching this out of this thread into the main conspiracy thread, but I will just do a link:   Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

On 4/13/2008 at 1:19 PM, william.scherk said:
Etisoppa said:
  william.scherk said:
In the meantime, save yourself a headache. No on here is liable to give you a ride on this one. There are more congenial places to find support for your campaign.

I take it you are a sincere reader and student of Objectivism and Ayn Rand. You are then not like any random sample in the population. So I am going to hold you to that Objectivist standard of being objective, even if you appear not to quite meet her standard or portrayal of civility.

Well, while you are holding me to this standard, I will hold you to a standard of reason. What evidence is there that millions of people are targetted individuals of electromagnetic attack? What evidence is there that you yourself are a targeted individual? What reason can you come up with for the unknown forces to target you?[...]There is a dearth of information that can be assessed in your postings. For example, you write on your Yahoo blog:

We will examine some victim stories, then look in detail at what we think the technology is ( we say “think” because the technology is most highly classified), then we will look at motivation and indirect evidence that will indicate who may be this group of humans on this quest.

But you don't do any of this, you don't examine, you don't look in detail, you don't critically assess indirect evidence or discuss 'the technology.' The victim 'stories' are three line summaries**, the technological discussions are absent, and the examination of motives reveals conclusions like this:

We have identified a clique about George Herbert Walker Bush as the group who have embarked on this quest. The group include a certain band of Catholics, Jews European elites, Muslim elites from particular Muslim countries. In fact it looks to be a plot with a strong Illuminati faction.


And if you are not up on the technicalities, have someone with that technical knowledge assist you or educate yourself on the topics like ,Terahertz EMR ( Electromagnetic radiation T -waves) for example. Just read the article, and it is long. Take notes, and put one-and-one together.

That's the problem. The 'technicalities' are absent. What about so-called terahertz EMR? Is it being used to bore holes in your will and control your mind? Sometimes one and one and one and one pile of crap add up to one pile of crap. You are playing connect-a-dot where most of the dots are figments and the rest are crap.

The gang at Conspiracy Psychology tackle the issue of "Targetted Individuals."  It's hard reading.  It reminds me of the latter-day delusions of Satanic Ritual Abuse promoter Diana Louisa Napolis (she is the one sent to psychiatric facilities to serve her sentence for threatening the life of Jennifer Love Hewitt).

See The psychology of gang stalking, and the difference between conspiracy theory and delusion

The rest of this is painful ... I am wondering whatever happened to "Etisoppa."  Napolis has not posted to her blog since 2015. If you want to know what delusional disorder sounds like, check this out: WORKING DRAFT PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLIC

Thousands of people making similar claims…. Something is up A is A.

Similar claims mean nothing, given our understanding of rumour panics, delusion, ufo 'contactees,' the miracle of Fatima, and so on. Paul, you personally claim to be the target of electromagnetic torture. In itself, not impossible, but requiring a certain weight of evidence to support it before anyone can turn off their critical faculties. The evidence of the 'similar stories' is crap.

Attempting to dismiss these things with insults is most unbecoming.

Not up to a “Randian” standard

But that is just the thing, Paul. There is no 'these things' on the table. You don't bring anything to the table. Well, except for claims such as this:





Paul, all I can say is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?



This just gives a whiff of the nutcase, you have to admit. All -cap rants about thought insertion, ideas of reference, dream control . . . these are hallmark symptoms. They cry out for a bit of intervention by a compassionate care-giver.


There is something wrong with you, Paul. Get some professional assistance and avoid further unpleasantness here. It can be done. There are organizations for those who want help in reducing delusion load. It is hard. I sympathize with your suffering. But better we slap you in the face now rather than you slid all the way down the rabbit hole to complete wacked-out doom.




Edited by william.scherk
Conspiracy theorizing is not delusional thinking. We can separate out the two, though there may be behavioural overlap
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