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Note from Administrator: The information in this thread is for the old domain and/or phpp forum software. It is no longer valid for the present program (Invision Power Board).

We have some webmail accounts we are making available to members of Objectivist Living in the objectivistliving.com domain. If you are interested in having an email account set up, please let me know. We are offering this little perk to our active members who have at least one dollar sign under their name. If you are interested in having an account set up, send me a PM or email letting me know what email address you would like. I suggest a short name as the domain name is fairly long.

Once you are set up, you can access Webmail from anywhere by signing on at http://webmail.objectivistliving.com.

Webmail is a pretty sweet little email program with address book, calendar, spam filter and notes functions. It also handles attachments, images and links. There is a spellcheck function, but it only works in text mode.

OL webmail is a great way to keep in touch and show your support for our online community.

Here are our new OL email addresses:



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