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C. Jordan

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Hi there.

Let's get started. I'm 38 years old, and like many, I discovered Ayn Rand by way of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I then discovered ATLAS SHRUGGED.

I found, in reading both, that I agreed with far more of Rand's ideas than disagreed. On further reading, I found that some of my disagreements were based on a misunderstanding on what Rand had meant; or, in some cases, on my own mistakes.

Then of course came THE PASSION OF AYN RAND.

I hesitate only slightly to say this. I was born in 1969; and could not have witnessed The Break or any events leading up to it. How could I judge Barbara Branden's account? Because this account made sense, in light of having read THE FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED, not once, but many times.

It's the question: is the glass half-full or half-empty? An objective answer is that it is both. But how do we judge Objectivism: by its virtues, or by its flaws?

I prefer to follow the example of Dagny Taggart, in going first by my own observations and understandings. Where I agree with Rand, I give her full credit. Where I disagree, I take full responsibility.

I began here by way of the controversy about Rand, the Brandens, and of course the Valiant Sir James :-({|= and was happy to see that people can agree to disagree, without being disagreeable.

I am writing what I thought was a book, only to discover it is much larger than I thought; it will be 4 books or more. I promise NOT to overwhelm this Forum with any tidbits of plot therefrom, unless there's interest. With this one exception: there are a number of elements which I think Ayn Rand would NOT have liked.

With that, the floor is yours.

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C. Jordan,

Welcome to OL. I certainly look forward to your views. I didn't understand the following:

I began here by way of the controversy about Rand, the Brandens...

You began where? When? Or are you merely referring to your post above? (Sorry if I appear to be dense, but in doubt, it is always good to ask.)

If you are writing 4 books, I for one am certainly interested in hearing about them. One of the goals of OL is to encourage people to write. Sight unseen, I wish you much pleasure in writing it and good luck to accompany your hard work.


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You aren't dense. I was not completely clear.

I meant to say, that the controversy surrounding PARC led me to find this web-site, through a short series of links. I was happy to find that this web-site preserved everything of value that I originally found in THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

I hope to give you good news with publication soon.

Yours, Chrys.

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