Christmas Movie List

Ross Barlow

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One of the most unusual Christmas movies has just finished on TCM.

I am talking about The Night of the Hunter. The last scene is on Christmas day. It's has a psycho killer played to perfection by Robert Mitchum.

It is wonderfully stylized movie

It was directed by Charles Laughton. It was not a success at the time of its release but has become a cult classic

Charles Laughton did like the child actors and was unable to direct them. That task was taken by Robert Mitchum who got great performances.

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Let's not forget Meet John Doe, any Gary cooper movie works for me.

If you like Gary Cooper's movies, I'd recommend one called "The Fountainhead". It's an adaptation of a novel by some Russian woman.

Best regards


How was he in that movie? I must have missed that one and I am such a Cooper fan. I even saw the one with Barara Stanwick where Gene Krupa played "Drum Bogee" on a matchbox with two matches. Had something to do with fire if I rember correctly.

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Merry Christmas.

My lady and I just finished watching the original 1947 - The Bishop's Wife", I think it should be added to the list.

And merry saturnalia Ba'al.

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When I was a little boy I remember only one part of a movie I saw on TV. The scene involved a man who got stuck under a truck he was trying to work underneath. What made the scene so gripping and frightening was that as the truck weighed down on him it also caused the tube (?) of a tire to balloon out in more than one direction. I don't remember what happened and I don't know who the actor was either. I was alone in the house watching it and I just remember being frightened.

I wonder if anyone here recalls the movie. Sorry I don't have more clues.


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