Introducing Tips for Everyday Living

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Introducing "Tips for Everyday Living"

Once in a while I come across some really great living ideas that I would like to share with OL members and readers. They are not very philosophical, but even philosophers and those interested in philosophy have to deal with everyday matters.

If you have any good tips, feel free to start a thread. Please do not use this section to simply advertise or spam, although it is OK to give out some commercial information. The good idea is the thing. However, opening new threads is moderated in order to avoid spam abuse, so if you post a new topic and it does not appear immediately, now you know why. Only opening new threads is moderated. Replying on threads is not moderated.

I have no doubt that "Tips for Everyday Living" will become a body of highly useful information over time and will become a delight to browse.

EDIT: The thread is no longer being moderated. Let's see how this works spam-wise.


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Here's one: when traveling abroad, use your credit card in preference to cash. That way you get the wholesale exchange rate, which is cheaper than what you get for your traveler's checks.

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