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I liked this so much I am starting a new thread with it so those who wish can find it easily. I have started with The Prince by Machiavelli. I have tried to read this work before, but always got turned off for one reason or the other. Still, in the back of my mind I have intended to read it for a long time.

Now I don't even mind the old-sounding Marriott translation since I know that there is not too much of it to read that day.


I just found a wonderful tool for people who are busy, but can manage 5 minutes a day to read.

Daily Lit

So far, there are a little over 400 titles, but most of them are free. How it works is that you choose a book, then decide if you want to receive installments in your email or RSS reader. (I use my Google Reader.) This company will send you a selection that takes about 5 minutes to read. It will send another 5 minute the next time. And so forth.

You can choose to receive these tidbits daily, weekdays only or Mon/Wed/Fri. You can also receive other 5 minute installments immediately if you decide you want to read more at the time.

As I said, most are free and you don't even have to register. Just choose the book and provide your email or copy the subscription code in your RSS reader (you choose one or the other).

This way you can read entire books, especially classics, you always wanted to read but never had the time—and probably would not ever find the time. It will just take you so many days depending on the size of the book. Sizes vary from very short like A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift in 4 installments on up to really long ones like Les Miserables by Victor Hugo in 679 parts. Some Objectivists have never read classics like The Communist Manifesto, for example, and since it is only in 13 parts, that would be a painless way to do it.

What a wonderful idea!

btw - For those who do not know what an RSS reader is, here is a very short and charming video tutorial that makes it extremely easy to understand:


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