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Note from Administrator: The information in this thread is for the old domain and/or phpp forum software. It is no longer valid for the present program (Invision Power Board).

Watching Topics

By default, the forum software automatically sends out email messages when there is a response to a message that you have posted on. If you do not wish to receive email notifications, please click "stop watching this topic" on the lower right of the screen while you are in the thread. It is right under the new topic and post reply buttons. The way to change this setting globally is to go into your profile and select "no" for "Always notify me of replies" in the Preferences section (the third entry under the third heading). That should change your default setting for all threads. If you wish for me to go in and fix the settings for you, just drop me a personal message like "Dammit! Kat, stop spamming me!!!" and I'll fix it. :D

I love getting emails from myself that take me directly to the discussion, but I realize it can generate quite a few emails every day. If you decide to turn off notification, you can go by the yellow flags or posting dates to see where the current discussion is happening.


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