How was your school daze? Lovely?

Michael Stuart Kelly

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How was your school daze? Lovely?

I wrote a post giving some horror stories from my education on another OL thread here in "Rants" (the one called "Online Objectivist Mediocrity"). I called it "Overcoming Randroidism."

I mentioned some gems of how not to teach that I survived. These experiences set the stage for me to become a flaming Randroid on first reading of Atlas Shrugged, then drove me to seek out self-learning as the best way to get knowledge. This has become a lifelong habit and I generally do not take courses.

I was very interested to learn that Ellen Stuttle believed that her positive experience education-wise led her to be more independent regarding her first contact with Rand.

There are some important principles in al this to discuss. So Paul Mawdsley thought it would be a good idea to open a new thread on educational experiences. Well, here it is, Paul. The quality of a person's education is a strong factor in how he deals with learning over the course of his life. For the independent minded, all roads lead to Rome. Still some roads are a whole lot less rocky, less filled with pot-holes and less winding than others.

If anybody else wants to gripe about his/her good old school days, please feel free to chime on in. This subject is important and it is a great feeling to get it off your chest.


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