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Do you have a local Objectivist club in your area  

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    • yes - I attend
    • yes - I don't usually go
    • yes - but it's only for the college students
    • no - but I'd love to find or start a group
    • no - and I wouldn't be interested anyway

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  • 1 month later...

Two friends and I meet every other week on a college campus to discuss Objectivism. Can that count as a club?

Why of course two people getting together on a regular basis to talk about a topic is a club, especially if they are individualists like Objectivists. Every organization needs a name, I suggest Objectivist Living, Hawaiian Chapter. :D

Good Luck,


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  • 3 months later...

On the map, it looks as though the East is well represented, and the West, but notice the huge space in the Midwest? I wonder if that has any implications for the future, and I wonder if anyone here is more politically active, such as being active in the Libertarian party.


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