500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art


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I was fascinated by this video. What makes it so arresting is its depiction -- whether deliberate or not -- of the changing views of women from one period to the next. We see woman-as-innocent-flower-child; woman as seductive temptress; woman as meek and helpless inferior, with melting, downcast eyes; woman as chaste, religious figure; woman as frail, too delicate to be touched; woman as powerful, a scheming ruler of men; and, --occasionally -woman as clear-eyed, bold, and courageous.


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I think "women as" is the operative phrase. Do we think of women as something other than "people"?

The rumor is that there are some people who think exactly that -- such as almost everyone for most of human history, and a shocking number of people even today.


Well put. Your "some" would have to include the overwhelming majority in centuries prior to the latter half of the 20th century, worldwide, plus the overwhelming majority in many countries in the world to this day.


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Stunning picture. I want to enlarge it and get a better look at it.

In the Kori Youtube original post, all of the women are Caucasian and "ninety-nine" percent (99%) of the images have slender noses.

I wonder if that overwhelming physical pattern is a key western subconscious pre-requisite for judging the "beauty" of the female face...


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