Antonio Canova


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I love marble statues. And one of my friends introduced me to the works of Antonio Canova:


I love this one. Why? Hidden under dry wit, control, flirtation, silliness, and intellect, I have this huge, scary, gigantic romantic streak.

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This is simply stunning. It is sooooo romantic and gives such a feeling of softness and weighlessness. Nothing can weigh the lovers down. Their tender moment is captured in stone and will last forever.

Thanks for sharing that, Jenna. I must make it to the Louve one day and see it up close. It is gorgeous.


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What is the title of this statue? Please don't tell me it's "The Angel of the Lord Informing Mary that she is to be the Mother of God's Child." :-)

LOL :D I think it's called Cupid and Psyche. The joining of heart and mind. Yes, I want to see it in person.

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