'H'ouse=a 'medical-teacher' Columbo, in a chronically bad mood

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~ Finally finished DVD S-2.

~ This guy's a real psychological trip. --- Can one say that he's 'intrinsically' Anti-PC ? :cheer: -- Can one say that he's 'inherently' Anti-Empathic? :question: :no: -- Can one say that he's a...praiseworthy worthwhile Mengele-sibling? :logik: -- Can one say that he knows (more than most) how people are motivated? :yes:

~ Can one say that, 'episodic' this series be, this is one fascinating character, given his 'arc-series' relatonships and specific-episode medical puzzles? :yes: :yes:

~ He is a doctor who, as his ongoing close-'friend' (if that's the right word), Wilson, describes him, does not have a 'Messiah-Complex', but one who has a 'Rubik's-Cube-Complex'.

~ I love this guy; maybe more than Frasier or Jack Bauer.



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