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Sorry for posting this in the Living Room, I was just trying to get into a high traffic area at first.

The sportscenter segment was in regards to a football coach of mine who is confined to a wheelchair and can barely speak because of Lou Gehrig's disease. He writes speeches for our football team in order to motivate us once a week. His name is Jeff Young, he went to my high school and played fullback many years back. He found out that he has Lou Gehrig's disease in college, and was told he had three years to live. Today he's in his forties (I think, would have to check that).

His daughter is in my math class. She's a very down to earth young woman. Jeff raised her as a single parent. It was a beautifully done segment, and I hope they re-run it sometime. Jeff Young is a great man.

He writes a weekly newsletter you can get sent to your e-mail. I'm not sure of the link at the moment, but it should be easy enough to find if you google Jeff Young or Friends of Jeff or a combination of the above.

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