Announcing a truly KMASS event

Roger Bissell

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I hear that there's going to be a book-signing/demonstration event somewhere near TOC’s Summer Seminar in my own Orange, California that would do Mario Savio proud.* A small gang of Branden-bash luminaries will be trying out their parasitic chops on a gigantic microphone being built especially for the occasion, with a dreamy sax band for accompaniment. (The theme song now being considered is, "I Did It Her Way.")

A real killer kindergarten kangaroo KASSER, if I ever saw one.

Well, I think that, in the best O-L tradition (see Kat's post in the preceding thread), it's time for a KMASS event!

I hereby propose a counter-demonstration across the street from Dizzy and the Gang, complete with dueling trombone players and picketers holding signs saying “So-Low Bashin’, “Total Bashin’ for the Total Hype,” “How Low can So-Low Go? ,” “Intrepid isn’t," "Shay it isn't show," and " isn't the end of the world.”

Please sign up at the TOC Seminar entrance and get your own dozen Atlas eggs for throwing. Try not to be sidetracked by all the many wonderful lectures and presentations.


* See the beginnning of "The Cashing In: The Student 'Rebellion'" by Ayn Rand if you don't know who Mario Savio is.

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It's good to see that someone has finally captured the full...uh...multi-facted flavor of Diz Vertigo's personality(s).

Some little known facts: according to my cousin, Andy, Dizzy Vertigo and the Bashful Gang would have been a shoe-in for a Grammy award, except that the Diz-meister insisted on recording his CD of standards while under the influence, and the title song came out "Shay it isn't Show." In utter frustration, Diz retreated to his art studio for several weeks, preparing wine bottles for use in mixing paints, but he's feeling better now and is more passionate -- or is it bassionate? -- than ever!



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