NB wrote a play - "At the Height"

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Nathaniel Branden wrote a play!

He reads it out loud too!


Below is the information from the NB website for the audio release of his 1971 play, At the Height (price and all). There definitely will be a review coming later.


"At the Height", A Play by Nathaniel Branden

[Total Program Length: 2 hr 31 min] $29.95

We are very happy to announce the arrival of a special new set of downloadable audio files made available exclusively at The Official Web Site of Nathaniel Branden.

Stephen Cox, Professor of Literature, University of California, San Diego has generously provided the following introduction.

"'At the Height' is a slightly revised version of a drama written by Nathaniel Branden when he was 42 years old, roughly three years after his break with Ayn Rand and her circle. It is, in certain ways, a response to the crises and challenges of the time. However, its interest is much more than simply biographical or historical.

William Wordsworth said that poetry 'takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.' He might have said the same thing about any fine work of literature: it does not recite experience; it provides a new and well-considered perspective on it. The imaginative form that Branden gives the action and characters of his play ensures that they will have a permanent and universal, not just a temporary and particular relevance to life.

'At the Height' is a distinguished contribution to the great tradition of intellectual drama, the tradition represented especially by the plays of Henrik Ibsen. The action is motivated by ideas and values, not by mere circumstance, and the stages of action are the stages of a rigorous yet surprising sequence of intellectual revelations. Throughout the play, the action is accompanied by deep passion, mordant wit, and penetrating analysis of psychology--in short, by the excitement of intellectual life 'at the height'."

We are pleased to present this recently recorded audio (mp3) presentation of "At the Height", which is read in its entirety by Nathaniel Branden.

Total file size 73MB.

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