Ayn Rand's Recipe for Beef Strogonoff


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Beef Strogonoff

Serves 4

1 ½ lbs round steak, cut in thin strips

3 T flour

1/8 lb butter

1 onion, grated

1 tsp mustard

Juice of ½ lemon

1 lb fresh mushrooms

½ pint sour cream

1 small can tomato sauce

2 T sugar

2 T ketchup


Place meat in slightly buttered skillet and fry for 2 minutes on each side. Turn off element, and let meat stand in covered skillet while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Cut mushrooms and boil them in ½ cup water for half an hour. Melt butter. Remove pan from heat and add the flour, grated onion, and the rest of the ingredients except for the mushrooms. Stir. Pour the mixture over the meat in the skillet and cook for 8 minutes, stirring frequently. Add mushrooms at the last minute.

This was one of Ayn Rand’s favorites, easy to make and delicious, a recipe she brought with her from Russia in 1926.

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Kat, I was very tickled to see this recipe here. It's the one Ayn Rand gave me, among a few others, when I was first learning -- or trying to learn -- to cook. Years ago, Reason decided to publish a small book of recipes that were favorites of their readers, and I was telephoned. First, I was asked what was in my fridge -- a rather embarrasing question, because when I looked, I found ice cream, vodka, and chocolate bars. Then I was asked for my recipes. I confessed that I had none of my own; there is very little one can create out of ice cream, vodka, and chocolate bars, but I would give them one recipe of Ayn's and one of my mother's. So those were the ones included in the book.

Some of the recipes were very funny. I remember one from Jack Wheeler -- I think it was how to make tiger steaks; he began by explaining to what continent one must go to find the best tigers, how to hunt them, what to do when one caught a tiger, and so on to the completed meal.

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> there is very little one can create out of ice cream, vodka, and chocolate bars

Barbara, I don't know how you can display such ignorance. Here is what you do:

Step 1. Pour a glassful of vodka. Use a chocolate bar to vigorously stir the vodka and drink it.

Step 2. Use a chocolate bar as a spoon to scoop out and eat some of the ice cream. Eat the spoon.

Step 3a. Lightly heat a skillet. Melt another chocolate bar. Everyone knows melted chocolate is delicious on....

Step 3b. ...vodka. Pour another glass of vodka. Stir in melted chocolare. Enjoy your first chocolate vodka as you continue to cook.

Step 4. By now the ice cream may be starting to melt. Scoop out the remainder and add it to the now sizzling chocolate remnants in youir skillet. Add remaining chocolate bars and use a professional quality wire whisk to stir the smoldering mixture very thoroughly.

Step 5. If your smoke detector goes off, pour another glass of vodka and ignore. If it does not go off, or in either case, pour the rest of the vodka into the skillet.

Step 6. Turn off the skillet and allow the ICCV mixture to cool. When it is cool, pour some into a glass and enjoy. Pour the rest into ice cube trays for future use as a drink freshener.

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