Painting: Cattleya Orchid and 3 Brazilian Hummingbirds


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Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds

by Martin Johnson Heade, 1871

Perhaps inspired by the writings of Charles Darwin, the artist studied these subjects in the wild during several expeditions to South America. The precisely rendered flora and fauna seem alive in their natural habitat, not mere specimens for scientific analysis. Defying strict categorization as either still life or landscape, Heade's work reflects the artist's unerring attention to detail and his delight in the infinitesimal joys of nature.

I love this! Brazil looks like one of the most beautiful and colorful places in the world. I love both orchids and hummingbirds. I can't wait to go to Brazil. Here is a little more information about this piece you can also click on thumbnails for more detailed close-ups here.


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Kat, that is absolutely stunning. I"m sending it over to my Kat. She is a birdwatcher, and has an encylopedic knowledge of plants/flowers.

I can't believe the detail of this- thanks!


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MSK - Spammer deleted.

Welcome to OL:

Beautiful area of the "other Florida."

What brought you to Ayn or here?


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