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I was checking out the online list and saw someone looking at this thread so started to read it again to get some laughs and the exchanges that went on here in this thread but skipping over some most important aspects that most here as well as myself don't want to rehash up. Can be easy to fall for someone that you think is who they are but in reality turns out that there was many other people's words encompassed into what you believe to be one person and then later find out that the person you've fallen for is actually not the person you knew but that of a few other people from their lifted works, not only caught here on OL but also caught through numerous personal emails as well. But hey, we all learn and radars are always up.

Finding a good man is not easy, no doubt, and still always on the look out but not actively pursuing it and definitely not in a position to even consider it at this point. Although do know of two but always so far away that would be suitable so always obstacles. Have thought about checking out some of the O'ist meet up groups in my area but I also am a bit weary and wondering are they Randroids or true independent thinkers that have successfully integrated the philosophy into their own lives. ARI is relatively close to me but man, not sure about the die hards that recite word for word what Ayn or others have said that sometimes attend those meetings and it may be like playing Russian Roulette. Yikes. But always many other avenues to pursue and look into.

As for internet and being an avenue to meet someone, yes, most definitely and hopefully their being honest with you from the get go and can base a good foundation of getting to know the person and creating the foundations for falling in love. BUT most important is to meet the person relatively soon to verify that what the person conveys to you through emails and that sort is truly how the person is in their daily lives. Despite what someone tells you through emails, considering they are being honest with you, your observations of their daily behaviors and their actions will either confirm that they are truly who they are making themselves out to be or that they don't live the values they claim to uphold through internet forums, personal emails, and such, and how you met them.

Although I do know many people that have met their partners, some who are now married, through the internet and are very happy. So I do not doubt this one bit and being able to fall in love through the net. BUT most definitely meeting them soon after you met them through the internet in person is of utmost importance rather than allowing months and months and months to pass by because seeing them in person is where a tremendous amount of information can be verified, their values, behaviors, and the like. Actions speak louder than words sometimes, especially if they are contradictory to each other. Just wanted to add my two cents so to speak and my own experiences with it. I hope everyone here that is actively looking or beginning to fall in love through internet communications truly finds the one they are hoping to find!!!


I quite agree, and yes, the distance factor bears in [tho if one was sure of the other, especially after a visiting, then doubt that much a factor for the most part]...

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Basic common sense rules should apply.

1) Talk on the phone and have each others phone numbers;

2) Actually snail mail each other a hand written letter;

3) Meet in a public place; and

4) Pre arrange a "safe" call or two.

Damn that makes a nice trade name TAMP out internet dating abuse!

Seriously, those rules should always be followed.


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Well, I thought I'd never say this, but I tried out a dating site, and it worked. I had just come out of, well, I don't even know what I would call it...a conflagration following about a year of monk-ness. And I saw the Plenty of Fish site banner on OL.

Why not, you know? The rest is history! Very, very good.


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I've tried by snail mail, disaster resulted. trie by the Net, disaster resulted. I believe that it was due to too much time elapsing, before actually meeting the person. Their words, spread over a lot of time, led me to believe one thing, in controversion to what my eyes, ears, and pheromes detected at actual meetings. Wishful thinking and loneliness did the rest of the damage, along with the ego telling me that I could "fix" what was wrong. The last one was very nearly life ruining, literally.

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Done. Thank you!

Now I need some help landing a hot Objectivist woman...

Have you checked the Smithsonian Museum?

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