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I want to extend a warm welcome and a special invitaiton to Ciro. Since this is a lifestyle site and one of our charter members, Ciro, is a professional chef, I am inviting him to share some of his his recipes and cooking tips here at Objectivist Living. He owns an Italian restaurant, is currently working on a cooking video and loves to share his recipes and cooking tips. I am sure that there will be a cookbook in the works soon as well as a possible catering gig at an upcoming event.

Anyway, Michael gave a wonderful tribute to Ciro on another discussion board, which I will repeat here.


I would like to start a thread like one starts applause at a wonderful concert.

Ciro, I have seen you express your opinions, beliefs and thoughts in the most varied circumstances, including extremely hostile ones. I have never seen you back down from what you believe, nor have I seen you get into a nasty name-calling fight.

I have seen you be considered as overly simplistic and then an appreciation grow for your depth and cleverness - an almost devious cleverness that you use joyfully like a kitten at play.

When I "nudged" you to become Solo Food Leader, I had no idea of the wealth of posts that you would bring to it, covering a wide range of food issues - including philosophy and banter.

I have seen people try to insult you and spit in your face. You always come back with an honorable upbeat response, as if no one on earth could kill your happiness. You are the most un-bitter person I have ever seen.

I would characterize your sense of life as sincerity plus goodwill incarnate.

It is a tremendous pleasure to know you.

(standing ovation)


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Ciro, your sense of life is prolific. I'm glad you are here. When I "have measured out my life with coffee spoons"(as T.S. Eliot might say), I'll reflect upon the great people I have known and you will come to mind.

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  • 3 months later...

*laugh* After the 'Kitchen' at SOLO, I was really surprised to go to the Kitchen here and find out it's about ... food.

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Yup, this kitchen is actually food related and we have a chef.... somewhere. *ahem*

There is another kitchen in the living room (romance thread) I occassionally go in there and gush like a silly lovestruck fool. %?

There are not too many looking round here as most of us are matched up, or so it seems. But if you are looking, let me know and I'll see what I can cook up. I still want everyone to find their true love (or at least get some poontang!)


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The forums seem active and friendly. Thanks you two, and for the offer to help find me Miss Right (or Miss Right Now). I am looking around at all the forums, but am not trying to look for someone now.

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