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Michael, this is what you needed.

I am very happy for you. I will be a regular costumer.

Ciao, amico carissimo.

Kat, if Michael were a woman He wanted to be like you. lolololol

Keep dreaming Michael! lol


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Hi, Kat & Mike & Everybody!

I have already posted twice, once as a guest and once as a member. Interesting how that works.

Kat, I just sent you an email with a pic of myself attached. I already cropped it a bunch, but it still was too large (too many pixels) to upload. I hope you can "do your magic" on it so it will upload. Thanks in advance!

Best 2 all,


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I wanted to say that I hope this site flourishes, I hope objectivism flourishes, and I hope the two of you flourish. I have no doubt really about the two of you flourishing actually, so I'll just say that I hope I'm around to share in it. I admire you both, I respect you both and I'm glad to know both of you. Thanks for having me over.

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What an honor! Thank you for showing up. I hope we will be seeing you at times. We certainly will be plugging TOC and its authors.


We're getting ready to have a blast. Thanks so much for the nice thoughts. Glad you're aboard and let's do some good stuff around here.


ahem... I'll try, but, well... er... talk to yo momma...


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Well, darlin' thanks for the compliment. purrrrrrrrrr

I am deleting the duplicate post for you. Those things happen sometimes. I will try to catch and clean them up when I see them.


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Out of deference to you, I've kept it hush-hush. However, it seems to have now been exposed here on Objectivist Living, which is great by me. Now we can stop meeting in dark and dank alleyways. ;)

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