The Fountainhead is out on DVD


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It's just a little "making of" The Fountainhead. It briefly discusses Rand's writing of the book and the casting choices. It's approximately...oh...I think 25 minutes or so. It also has a theatrical trailer, which I haven't watched yet (though I'm sure it's amazing *rolls eyes*)

It's definitely worth the money to have it on DVD. When I brought it home, my dad said that he wanted to watch it. I suggested that he read the book first and he ever so maturely said, "It would take me a lot of dumps to get through that big ass book." *cries*

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:laugh: I never understood why they think that "theatrical trailers" are some kind of goodie. I guess there wasn't much else they could put on The Fountainhead DVD...I mean...there wasn't any goofy commentary or anything. Ayn says, "Oh, snap! I remember that day! Gary pulled the most hilarious prank on me!"
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This DVD happens to be selling, at the moment, for a mere $5.79 at — and that's for brand-new copies. So I finally bit.

I have a perfectly adequate VHS copy — two, in fact, from Key Video (the original) and MGM/UA. They have a sharp B&W image, and the film is in the classic aspect ratio, thus not letterboxed. So I'd seen little need to buy that DVD until now. Certainly not just for its theatrical preview (available for free at IMDb) and the making-of featurette.

That cover art on the DVD is the somewhat lurid "No man takes what's mine!" original theater poster, accurate for evoking the Hollywood era when the film was made. Yet it's far less attractive or suggestive of the film's actual theme than the box of the latest VHS release.

When I pulled the Amazon listing up, this multiple-buy suggestion was quite intriguing — and it's probably highly infuriating to the ARIans ... {g}


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