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I figured I should open a thread so that people have a place to introduce themselves. So I'll start.

Hi. My name is Inky and I'm a kitten.

My views are essentially Objectivist, but as a teenager I'm also exploring my own different ideas. So, if I say something that's "unorthodox," kindly keep this in mind. I'm not trying to insult your views or ruin Objectivism, I just like to put a fresh view on things.

Besides, my mom owns the site so you can't yell at me, haha! :wink:

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I love your drawings (I've noticed them when your mom has

posted a few on the old Solohq site).

As to fresh thoughts... Bravo and delightful. I doubt that

anyone thus far joined up on this site would trounce you for

"unorthodox" ideas, since all of us have those in abundance.

But anyone who does trounce you will hear from me, as

well as probably from your mom.


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Hi Ellen, I'm really glad to see you here. I wanted to tell you on the other site that your post about painting the roses red was absolutely brilliant. I simply couldn't bring myself to post on that thread. I had stopped interacting with those who wrote CRAP (backwards acronym, hope it catches on).

I'm so glad you like Inky's works. I'm really proud of my very talented daughter and I am pleased that she is participating on this new site. I'm sure she is a bit apprehensive because of all the venom that she saw being aimed at MSK and myself over rather innocent comments and chewing on ideas.

I very much enjoy having a place online where we will find good hearted, decent people who live objectivism and who do not attack other members for deviating from the playbook of orthodox Objectivism. I believe that if someone is touched by the work of Ayn Rand and wants to dig deeper, they should be able to do so without having their head bitten off for questions, comments or not swallowing it whole. I strongly hope that we eventually attract more women here too. BTW, where is Becky?


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I'm so glad you like Inky's works.  I'm really proud of my very talented daughter and I am pleased that she is participating on this new site.  I'm sure she is a bit apprehensive because of all the venom that she saw being aimed at MSK and myself over rather innocent comments and chewing on ideas.  

Eh, not so much that as I'm waiting until I have something worth saying. Not to mention the fact that my writing skills have gone down the drain, it seems. I blame the public school system. :D

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Hi, Kat.

I'm glad to make your acquaintance (via email) and glad that

you enjoyed my painting-the-roses-red post. That seems to

have struck a chord with a number of people, judging from

off-list comments I've received about it.

Clever of you to think of spelling PARC backward.

Book unread, I expect that were I to read Valliant's prosecutorial

attempts therein, I would find them "crap." I'll acquire the book

one of these days, and I'll read AR's journal entries, as near as

possible ignoring interpolated remarks telling me how I'm

supposed to react. I expect that the memory-lane trip which

reading those journal entries will occasion won't be a pleasant

one -- though not because of the reasons Jim Valliant and

Casey Fahy would suppose. Instead, because I expect that

what I'll see won't be what they did.

Anyway... Enough of uncheerful subjects on this charming




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Thanks for the kind comments about Kat and defending Inky. Whoever treats my kittens well has a very warm place in my heart.

For the record, the person who first came up with running the acronym backwards was Rodney Rawlings in an e-mail to me. He was not posting on SoloHQ at the time, so I put it up with credit to him (with his approval, of course). It's cute, but I will not be going too much in that direction.

I want to focus on the value of the Brandens' work, the impressions of those who knew Ayn Rand, exploring ideas (I loved your little thing on her characters, comment from me coming), other off-the-mainstream aspects of her philosophy and things like that.

Of course, there is a section covering the traditional aspects of Objectivism which will expand, but that is covered so much in other places that I do not feel the need to make it a strong focus.

My greatest concern is for this site to not become a battleground of personalities and make sure it is a haven where the character of both Brandens is not spit on. In my mind, it is a haven for them by design, where their work can be discussed in a normal tone of voice.

I also want to foster the creation of commercial works from all the talented people who are showing up (of which you are one, Ms. Red Roses).

What the hell am I saying all this on Inky's thread for? (Sorry Tina...)


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Oh, no, it's fine, I meant for this to be a general introduction thread, anyone can introduce themselves, and anyone can welcome them however they like (as long as it's in a friendly manner, of course), which I think you were just doing.

But you all had best hope that we don't follow in the footsteps of another forum that I used to be a part of, in which we attempted to eat newbies online.

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I completely agree with Michael about the focus of Objectivist Living being the positive, the life-affirming, the growth-oriented, the happiness-seeking.

When I was going to recovery meetings in Al-Anon, we were encouraged to take our focus off the alcoholic or addict -- read: the person who was abusing us and making us miserable -- and put it onto what was best for us, for our healing and growth and happiness. When addicts and abusive people are deprived of all that unhealthy attention they have attracted, they sometimes come around and become decent people. Or, they precipitate a break and move on to find other victims. Or, we come to see that there is no value in continuing to interact with them, nothing but pain and turmoil and a waste of our precious time on earth.

I was very impressed when I heard Rand and Peikoff say at one point that polemics (i.e., negative, critical focus on other people and their ideas) is a small part of Objectivism, and that positive philosophy is the dominant focus. Yet, I see so many people who profess to agree with this idea nonetheless spending countless hours trying to tear down other people's viewpoints and character. And good people being drawn into futile debates with them about this. (I just raised my hand.)

It just occurred to me that the one thing these people fear most is other people not under their control putting out good, substantial work that attracts attention away from them. As witness all the criticism of such prolific writers as Nathaniel Branden and Chris Sciabarra, who are independent intellectuals writing about Objectivism, psychology, and cultural analysis. Nathaniel and Chris are growing, achieving, doing good work -- and so many of their critics are doing little other than trying to tear them down. What does this tell you? (That's a rhetorical question at this point, right? :-)

Well, enough on that! I am SO glad to be here, with all you, to make Objectivist Living a haven and a place for recovery and health -- and sharing and happiness. :-)


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Holy shite, I actually made it through this time.

Some of you may know me or are at least mildly familiar with me.

Anyway, here I go. I'm 26 years old been an Objectivist for about 4/5 years. In my spare moments I've been developing a comic project called "Frontier War" as a series of mini-series and graphic novels so one of my biggest interests within Objectivism is the theory of aesthetics. I'm interested in disected everything within my own sense of life and personal tastes and understanding the principles at work at everything artistic I encounter. I always had an interest in this but Objectivism gave me the best filter I've found thus far.

Comics are my main passion now but I spent most of my teen years as a musician. I'm no longer playing plus I don't expect to get into too many discussions about the finer points of heavy metal and punk rock so I'll probably be dropping it right there.

I've been with my fiancee Amy for six years now and she is my other passion in life. She is an amazingly bright person with a wonderful manner of experiencing the world. I've been amazed by her strength of character in dealing with schizophrenia in a matter so effective that I and many others often forget she's dealing with the problem at all.

That is the information I felt pertinent to mention about myself. Make the most of that.


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Hi Landon,

I'm glad you finally made it in. Sorry you were having technical problems.

Objectivist Living is a place to develop projects and chew on ideas in a supportive environment and we hope see many projects out in the marketplace over time. If you would like to share your comic book / graphic novel project with the group please feel free to start a new thread for Frontier War up in Creative Writing or maybe Inky's room if it is for a younger audience. Just be sure it's nothing too racy... this is a family site. I have posted instructions on how to put images in your posts in the Tech Support area.

I hope Amy feels welcome here too. Unlike some Objectivists, we don't deny the existence of mental illness or trash psychology as a whole. Saying something doesn't exist doesn't make it go away. If that were so, I'd never get depressed and my son would not have an autistic disorder and no one would ever become addicted to anything.

Anyway, six years is a long time to be engaged. Time to make an honest woman out of her. Do you two have wedding plans yet? Get your ass married already!! :D/

Wishing the best to you and Amy for the New Year,


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Thanks Kat.

I have the worst Objectivist reason for the long engagement... when get married my income counts against her medacaid. I'm trying to make sure we manage to get some serious insurance before we're out in the cold. But I'll pass the message along.

As for Frontier war since I'm planning it as a series of independant but interconnected projects I think the audience for different projects would fit in different age groups. The first mini-series called Manipulation which I completed writing (it needs some final edits and for me to begin the art chores) is pretty all ages, I'd call it about pg-13. Meanwhile the second project I just started writing called Naked Souls is something I wouldn't feel comfortable marketing to a younger audience, but likewise future projects will be noticably more tame. Sadly for an Objectivist I have a pretty dark writing style. I'll probably keep the overviews handy but when appropriate keep the non-family friendly stuff offsite. :D

On that note, I thank you. And, I'll be back when I have some more to say.


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I just wanted to say hi to the new members and extend a special welcome to the new gals around here, Summer from the other O'ist forums; Lydia, Jody's beautiful new wife; and Laura, who I believe is Ciro's daughter. I hope you all enjoy Objectivist Living and make yourselves at home. We're glad you are here.


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Glad you finally joined me here. Hope you're always with me wherever I go.


She not only likes creative writing, but teaches it and will soon have her PhD in it, so I'm looking forward to her contributions in that field. I'm glad the subject is seriously discussed here. That's another thing I love about this site.

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Hi Stuart,

I enjoyed your thread on the Industrial Revolution on RoR. That UCB website was a good find. The early conditions of the In. Rev. ALWAYS come up in discussions about capitalism. That and the greedy railroad barons. Can't have a discussion about federal banking or unions or the welfare state without hearing about it again. It's good that you're prepared. I look forward to your contributions.

Nice to see you here too!

Mike E.

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Mahalo for the warm welcome! Thank you Landon, Kat, Jody, Mike E., and MSK!

MSK wrote,

You have one hell of a first name. Impeccable taste...

Thank you; I strongly agree. By that same token, MSK has the awesomest middle name ever. You're much worthier of it than that utilitarian Mill dude. :D/

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