The Jab and Cognition

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The Jab and Cognition

Did you notice that I put this in the Epistemology thread?

There's a reason.

What kind of epistemology can you use to change the world if there is massive brain damage among people who vote and run companies and so on?

What kind of epistemology can you pour into a malfunctioning brain and make it work again?

You can't.

Even Ayn Rand with all her private lectures and chats to Frank at the end of his life could not reverse his dementia.


Here is a video by Mike Adams noticing something I have noticed for some time. Have you noticed how difficult it is to get decent service at normal businesses these days?


MASSIVE cognitive damage caused by VACCINES For more updates, visit: NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately...

Mike mentioned one of his family members went to settle a bill of $398, gave the person $400, and the person accepting the money had to use a calculator to arrive at the amount of change to give back. And even then, it took time. I am sure we all have such stories.

Or how about customer service?

Man, talk about treating people like livestock. The Predator Class has come up with a system where people can work at jobs they are not qualified to do, be brain damaged at that, and still obey and produce something so the money can flow upstream to them.


But it gets worse.

Scott Adams asked in the video below, how can you tell if you live in a society that has been taken over? The answer is that the people in charge can tell you a bald-faced lie and you will accept it. Not only that, many people will believe it.

He listed off several examples of things you can see with your own eyes, but the media and culture tell you it's the contrary, and they get away with it.

This is growing.

Now that Scott is no longer publishing Dilbert in the mainstream news, he said he gets to raise questions and issues he was not permitted to before. One of them was about George Floyd. Scott said there has to be a market for how to get away with the perfect crime, especially murder, meaning leave no trace the murder had been committed.

He said, for example, it has been discovered that you can lightly lean your knee on the back of the neck of someone for a few minutes in a certain manner, and if you get this manner right, no coroner will ever be able to find damage or markings on the body to prove that murder had been done, yet you will still be able to murder someone.

He laments that Chauvin was caught on camera doing that because he accidentally discovered the technique for murder and did not know he was using it. But there is a market out there for this form of committing a perfect crime, there are a lot of people who others want to murder, so all the bad guys have to do is study the footage and they will be able to learn it. Then they can go off and kill people galore and nobody will know that they had committed murder because there will be no evidence on the body.


Or, maybe, the Predator Class can tell you this was murder without a whit of forensic evidence and get you--and 14 jurors--to believe it just because they can. That, to Scott, was the canary in the coalmine that proves we have taken over as a society.

He said they stole a presidential election in front of everyone, they still lie about it and they are getting away with it. After getting away with this one, what is to stop them from stealing the next presidential election? Who is going to oppose them?



I believe this situation is tied--or at least made possible--to practices in the daily propaganda, to different things we all use everyday (through chemicals and so on), to the environments we live in everyday (air and noise and air waves, etc.), and, of course, to the jab, that cause literal and physical brain damage to people.

Notice that in dictatorships, the dictators lie and get away with it because they murder and jail people who speak the contrary in public. We are not there yet, although with the stolen presidential election, law enforcement has been jailing people who went to a rally and followed a crowd into the capitol building to take selfies--and it has been holding them in solitary confinement for years, now.

There is a string of absurdities like that we can see with our own eyes, in other words reality we can observe, that are presented as the contrary by the Predator Class and people accept and believe the lies.


Without a formal dictatorship, how easy is it to pull that off?

It's hard.

But if you can damage people's brains, who is going to gin up a crowd with arguments and rhetoric that point to reality to stop the Predator Class?

I don't say brain damage is all there is to it. After all, persuasion is a science with many experiments showing repeatable outcomes under controlled conditions. But softening up people's independent reason with physical brain damage sure makes things to a lot easier for the Predator Class.


Those of us who see have to keep pointing to reality in the hopes that we can stop the full takeover before it's too late. Thankfully, the Internet exists to help with that and it's too big the Predator Class to control 100%.

But this fight is going to be a slog. I hate to say it, but philosophy alone is not enough to get the job done. It helps, but it is only one tool, one weapon, in a large arsenal needed for this war.

To start with, we need to figure out how to persuade brain damaged people and bring them around to reality. That sounds like a quip, but I mean that literally.



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Not to sound too pessimistic , but define 100%. What percentage less than 100 leaves room for a potential to reform or restore without a razing , you know not to be too .pessimistic ?

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Look at any revolution on earth throughout history.

It always starts with a solid minority.

You don't need vast quantities to take power. You only need those at a certain point before the takeover. But this will happen almost automatically if power starts to shift. And you only need the power of that minority to shift power a little.

And there's this.

The good thing about human predators is that they are human, meaning they have the same fallibilities as all humans do. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to beat them because they never want to know themselves. Not in reality. They only want to know the story about themselves they tell themselves.


I have never heard anyone discuss the following in this context, but it just occurred to me.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to give great advice to others, but how hard it is to take your own advice, the same damn advice?


That also works the other way for weaknesses and evil. Dictators who are cunning enough to discern clearly the weaknesses and evil of others often become blind to their own through self-aggrandizement and vanity. That's where they are vulnerable and when they fail.

The Predator Class is plenty organized right now, but when they cannot get obedience from the livestock through volition, and when they are not strong enough to bully everyone through force, they start eating each other. They're predators and they can't help themselves.


As for the brain-damaged people, there is a good thing called neuroplasticity. This means the brain can rewire itself just by thinking for both healing and for growth. God, how I hate the word "healing" when it comes out of the mouth of a progressive. :) But I mean literal biological healing here, healing from brain damage. Not "healing" from "being broken" (said in a self-pitying voice), whatever bullshit that might mean.


So it is up to us who want to change the world to figure out how to speak "rewiring" to the injured people. The only ones speaking a language they can understand right now is the Predator Class, the very ones who injured them. And figure it out, we will. It's doable.


I am optimistic although my post above does not sound like it. I was doing my identify correctly in order to evaluate correctly thing. If you don't identify the problem correctly, odds are you will not fix it. If you don't identify disability correctly, odds are you will let it destroy normal things. If you don't identify the enemy correctly, odds are you will not know how to fight him and you will lose to him.


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