“Children, It’s a New World” - video


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“Children, It’s a New World”

For some reason I recently got the idea of arranging, on the computer, one of my more “successful” songs (“New World,” performed three times in IL) for a small orchestra. I’ve done such digital arranging before on tunes of mine, but this time, to my pleasure, I was able to achieve my planned sounds much more easily than in the past (when I largely relied on trial and error).

It’s just the same song with a new title. I know that I would have more difficulty using such a recording as this to get the song performed, but I wanted to make it anyway for my own reasons. I have not even edited the score properly, because I only cared about the audio result. (Thus you still see some breath marks.)

I have made this video of it. One nice thing is that the lyrics can be followed so I don’t have to paste them here!

The theme is of advice from the older generation to the new.



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