so how prevalent is Ghost-Writing?


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I've done music, literature, movies, physics, architecture.
Edit: on this train of thought I wanted to say that Ghost-Writing takes a unique place in Ayn Rand's ethics.  The way I see it is only don't do it if it's destructive.
I tried to get out of it once.  I couldn't.  DO NOT DO IT IF THEY'RE NOT GOING TO FOLLOW YOUR DIRECTIONS.  For instance i did three songs for someone that they couldn't do (Gary Cooper for roark's speech).  of course i made alterations but I totally regret it.  Still the bulk outweighs the mistakes.
One of the physics is something they don't understand & the other guy's like in jail.  So i get to keep em.
Ghostwriting is a great opportunity to have somebody finish something you don't have time to start.

For instance, you've got a rough draft but it ends in a question where somebody's going to have to pour over information.  You simply do something else and pick it up.  You read the last chapter.
For instance, Infinite Jest was my idea.  And then there's a book "Saving Fish From Drowning" where I read the book and the concept becomes "How To Save A Fish From Drowning"

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12 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


You mean like Howard Roark designing a building in the name of Peter Keating?

It didn't work out well, but he still did it.



That's true, it hasn't worked out well.  unlike the fountainhead he used my exact designs

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