Who is the worst prime mover?


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On the hierarchy Dominique is at the bottom, Roark & Galt at the top.  But the worst is probably a woman (homosexuality DOES EXIST)-the 1 who is 1 step above the bottom.  Because she could never get Roark and she doesn't understand why and has infinite issues.

Edit: she is actually the one who hates Galt/Roark because the symbol that they represent in her/his subconscious

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1 hour ago, atlashead said:

She also said emotions stem from logic


She did not.

She said emotions are automatic responses to premises and value judgments.

(Go here if you want to read up on it.)

Whether one uses logic or not, one will have premises and value judgments.

That comes innate--law of identity of human being. And that's what making choices is all about--volition.

In Rand's view, emotions are automatic reactions to those things.

I could discuss this in far more depth, but you still need to grasp the basics.

So I recommend more learning mode and less teaching mode until you understand this stuff correctly.


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You cant have a subconscious thought until u've integrated it consciously.  See The Art of Nonfiction

Dominique is lovely in the book but a real life Dominique has issues & thus causes drama

My girlfriends r Dominique-both mega rich and beg me for giftcards complaining about how broke they r

They probably ARE fist-deep in eachother laughing about the drama they caused and ignoring me

Two Dominiques who have read The Fountainhead, in the days of social media?  U dont think theyll do to Roark what they did to Steven Mallory?

Playingames w crimes to get me a physic lab & OF COURSE they put Vesta Dunning in charge

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1 hour ago, atlashead said:

You cant have a subconscious thought until u've integrated it consciously.  See The Art of Nonfiction


I've read that book several times.

But, once again, if I were you, I would go into learning mode before I went into teaching mode.

You are trying to teach others what you have not yet learned and, worse, what you have incorrectly concluded from not learning. I know the posture feels good, but posture is not knowledge.

To use Randian terminology, integration deals with only one kind of subconscious thought, rational. There is plenty of irrational and unintegrated subconscious thought, including thought based solely on experience, in the mind. And don't forget about whim.


For the record, that's using a Randian frame. I no longer use that way of expressing it because there are several things Rand got wrong about the mind (and I say that as one who admires her, so let me qualify that by saying she got a lot right). I can point you to repeatable processes and scientific experiments and books and all kinds of things to prove it.

But that is not anywhere near where you are at this point.

You are not presenting correctly what Ayn Rand wrote.

That is why I am answering you so often. Disagreeing with her is one thing. Putting your own words into her mouth, then trying to teach that to others as her meaning is... something, I guess...

It's not discussion. And I do believe you have a good mind and have the ability to discuss things.


So here's another suggestion that might make it clear.

Try more ego and less vanity.

And do the fucking work. Mental laziness and faking it will get you neurochemical surges when you posture, and that feels good, but it will not get you knowledge.


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