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The sanction of the victim.  I didn't heed the warning because I felt I hadn't achieved enough.  Now I have, but they still haven't fixed the mess they caused.  I can hear them in my head demanding more & more.
The person who did it is the person I need to talk to, because I can fix THEM.  But I'm not supposed to talk to them.  The websites that you can untangle stuff (based on motivation) are all gone.  A million actors to make me, who never believed in being a victim, a victim.
They haven't worked in 3.5 years.  Steven Mallory sat in a room for two years.  Well I've been here for four.  Not in angst of what could have been, but actively pushing myself to do the things that make the good possible.  I never lost the conviction, but I never stopped noticing the time that was being wasted-or WOULD have been wasted if it weren't for my integrity.  [Integrity actually means your ability to do creative work & ability means your defense of your self interest]  You don't need the means of production to think-so you DON'T NEED IT TO WORK!
It's a funny feeling, being proud & holding that optimism that you know what, I'm going to work today, I'm going to get some work & I'm going to do it.  But being regretful of the existence of another person.

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