Monkeypox - the next salvo to indoctrinate Obedience

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Ok so we are all hearing about the next crisis, apparently because Continuity of Crises is a necessary in the long drawn out attempt at a take over by "The Thing".. and this next "salvo" specifically on the health related front... (when it comes to The Thing, the number and species of fronts are legion)

is of course Monkeypox


I'm curious about what people think regarding The Thing's culpability i.e. involvement in causation, on which combination of the following:


A. It's apparently coincidental (suspicious and/or convenient) and actual spread in numerous pockets of widely varied countries throughout the world 

B. It's being noticed and widely (albeit sporadically?) reported on in the legacy "State adjacent" media machine

C. The serious (and possibly overblown) reaction and alarms raised by various individuals and organizations including the WHO (ostensibly an actual appendage of The Thing), with whispers of tracking and quarantines (and vaccines soon to follow) etc.


So what's your answer? e.g. C alone, B and C, all of the above, or none of the above?


EDIT:  Too soon?  Not on anyone's radar yet?  Sounds too crazy?

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