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Amber and Johnny were Lovers...

I have stayed out of the hostilities between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. But the situation is so weird right now--Hollyweird kind of weird, I have to say something.

The timeline from the article below gives a very quick overview of what this whole thing is about. I'm glad I found this because it cleared up a few points for me, too.

A summary of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship and abuse allegations



Depp and Heard’s yearlong marriage is at the center of a defamation trial.

Here are the sub-headlines of each section of the article. They give a surprisingly good overview just by themselves. I changed a couple of things to make it an easy read (switching the order of year and month and so on), but I did not change anything substantive.


2009: Heard and Depp meet (on the set of “The Rum Diaries”)
2012: Depp and Heard begin dating
2014: Depp and Heard get engaged
2015: Depp and Heard get married
2016: Heard files for divorce 
2016: The divorce is settled
2018 (June): Depp sues a British tabloid for libel
2018 (December): Heard publishes an op-ed in the Washington Post
2019: Depp sues Heard for defamation
2020: The lawsuit against the Sun begins
2020: Depp loses his role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise
2021: Depp’s appeal for libel case is denied
2022: The defamation trial begins in Fairfax, Virginia
2022: Details about their marriage emerge via courtroom testimony

And this is where we are right now.

Gossiping about the details of their marriage.


But, man, is it weird. Johnny is coming across in the videos as a total wimp. Since he is an A list actor, that might be a chosen image. He's the one suing her, so there must be a reason. It's probably something to do with the free ride she got on the MeToo train.

But Amber Heard? Oh my God. She is a total nutjob. Oh, there's the normal stuff rich couples who use a lot of drugs go through, trashing hotel rooms and so on, but this lady pooped in his bed on purpose. It's coming out that she has a massive controlling personality disorder. Different words are being used, psychopath is one of the most popular. She finally took the stand and that is becoming clear.

In addition, here are two really weird items from her testimony.

1. It looks like Amber Heard has been using movie scenes for her court testimony.

There is a whole cottage industry cropping up on Twitter showing the scenes and lines she is using in her testimony. And there are fact-checkers keeping it real. But even they are showing just how much she is cribbing from the films.


2. She just snorted cocaine on the stand, right in front of the judge and everyone.



There's another name sometimes used for women out of control like this lady is: trainwreck.


I want to find an angle to tie all this into Rand or Objectivism, but I'm struggling in this case. Hollywood was Rand's old stomping ground, but that is a really lame angle.

So until I find one, just enjoy the gossip. It's so far out there, it scratches the itch all by itself.



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7 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

There is a whole cottage industry cropping up on Twitter showing the scenes and lines she is using in her testimony.

Here's an article that gives a few videos of her testimony followed by the corresponding movie scene.


Viewers took to social media to point out that several of Amber Heard's statements during her testimony in the Johnny Depp defamation trial...



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