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Someone who I considered a prime mover put me in a horrible situation.  Someone who I ended up working with said if I gave them money that was not to be regifted due to government taxes they implied they would (or at least might).  The worker who leaves part of their work up to others.  The gambler.  The needy.
I considered these people prime movers & they're having an orgy.
I learned all of physic, structural engineering, created vast amounts of art, wrote massive hits that generated massive money for one of my partners.  And now I'm trying to learn biology.  Except I can't.  I'm eating food from the dollar store that is giving me indigestion with rolaids that aren't mine.  Spending every last cent on my work that I may never see erected because people are out to get me & others are just compounding the problem.  I would shrug, but I have a single friend.  He's younger than I & just the smallest bit weaker.  I love him.  I need to shrug to work, but I cannot let the only man who is John Galt to me slide into the ocean.
This is my epitaph
edit:  I shrugged w him & now I'm reading cellular biology in bed

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Someone once said to me, when I had been shafted, that if you complain and don't include a solution in your complaint, you are just whining.

It stung at the time, and we all need to grieve losses at times where no solutions exist, but I liked it. I love truth, even when it hits me upside the head.

So I adopted that form of expression. I haven't always held to it, but in general, I have.

Over time I found it came with a couple of benefits. I actually find solutions quickly nowadays and depressions are mild when they come. The solutions I adopt are not always the solutions I express or even want (and many times they are), but I no longer go without solutions.

btw - Shrugging without a solution is just one more problem. I learned that the hard way.

Be well...



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