Coronavirus thread deleted by accident

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Coronavirus thread deleted by accident

I screwed up trying to fix a glitch.

I deleted the Coronavirus thread.

I'm working on getting it back up.

The program says I have until Dec. 30 before permanent deletion, so I'll get it done.

For some reason, just sending in a ticket has become unduly complicated.

Stay tuned, though. This will get done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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I fixed it.

IPB has made their support ticket system near impossible and now it is only by email. I wish they would stop changing this stuff.

So I consulted the support forum and had to wade through some guides the size of telephone books. But I found what I was looking for.

For some damn reason, my status as Moderator was listed as "restricted" in the Administrator area. The program had done that all by itself, probably during an update. (Don't even ask... :) )

That means I was unable to restore deleted content.

I merely changed the setting and now I can restore deleted content.




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I'll just put this here for the record.

This morning, Godaddy put the Objectivist Living domain on hold for no goddam reason.

They wanted to verify the email.

So I had them send the email, the email got duly clicked and it's all good now.

But the site was offline for about an hour while I dealt with this crap.

Man, when it rains, it pours.

I laugh to keep from using a lot of foul language and the breaking the things around me.



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