Walt Whitman done the SJW Way

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Walt Whitman done the SJW Way

I finally found a legitimate use for the Social Justice Warrior culture: victim-story emotions as a technique, even grafted onto real art.

What are victim-story emotions? I don't know if there is a systematized list or even a definition, but they are all around us in the culture. You know, that self-pitying moment before crying, or melodramatic awe charged with hope followed by a sudden shift to pain or outrage, etc.

I've been looking into the poetry of Walt Whitman since I believe much of modern literature is based on techniques he used  like anaphora (starting an idea with the same word(s) several times in a row), and so on.

Then I came across a recitation of one of his most famous rhymed poems, O Captain! My Captain!, which was inspired by the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The young Sai Kolla's version (with SJW emotions) works and works well.

Finally I see something great come out of woke culture.

But I don't think many SJW's realize this or how to use it to attain universal truth in art.

At least this girl did. I don't know if she's a SJW, but she sure harnessed their victim-emotions and used them for something of value.


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