Progressive Pedos in Academia -- Pedo Intellectuals

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Progressive Pedos in Academia -- Pedo Intellectuals

Here's a good start...

Michel Foucault.

Michel Foucault And Other Progressive Intellectual Heroes Were Pedophiles


Michel Foucault is perhaps the most popular intellectual in the halls of academia. As the most cited researcher, his thoughts heavily influenced most of the ideas that are taught to our college students today. When we hear that “academia leans highly to the Left,” what this means is that the institutions of higher learning are dominated by thinkers like Foucault.

Recently, a personal friend of Foucault came forth with accusations about how Foucault used to engage in pedophilic sex tourism with young boys in Tunisia. He recalls how Foucault used to bribe desperate young children in poverty with money in exchange for sex at a cemetery.

Others mentioned in this article are:

Simone de Beauvoir

Jean-Paul Sartre

Judith Butler


There were other popular progressive intellectuals who signed the petition to lower the age of consent, such as Jacque Derrida and Jean Francois Lyotard. While there was no evidence that these two philosophers partook in pedophilic inclinations — unlike Foucault, de Beauvoir, and Sartre — it’s still extremely troubling that all these people are the celebrated intellectual heroes of academia. 

I never resonated with the work of any of these people.

Now I don't resonate with their lives.


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