Who here cares about Harry, Meghan, Oprah, etc?

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This is a comment of yours from a different thread, but it's apt here.

On 6/26/2021 at 11:32 PM, Peter said:

Ye gads man! Stripped of their trusts? Will Meghan have to go back to acting? Will Harry need to take a high end publicity job?

And now the punch line.

If they can keep a job.



Meghan Markle-Created Animated Series ‘Pearl’ Gets An Undesirable Royal Flush In Netflix Cutbacks; Streamer Nixes Meghan & Prince Harry’s Archewell Productions Project


Meghan Markle-Created Animated Series Pearl nixed by Netflix Meghan & Prince Harry's Archewell Productions first animated series

This is probably a mix of both the unpopularity of the project and the lack of cash Netflix has been experiencing.

Gotta downsize even the royals when nobody tunes in.

Get woke, go broke...


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