An HBL Member on the Election


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On 10/13/2020 at 12:41 PM, Mark said:


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An HBL Member on the Election

(HBL being the Harry Binswanger Letter)



That is a first hand look at insanity. Under President Trump, excluding the horror of the coronavirus, we are safer, better off, and being led my a rational businessman, not a politician. Ayn Rand supported Dewey and Goldwater, so how could she not support Trump? Of course, she would have reservations and be disapproving of some of this actions but President Trump upholds the values of our Founding Fathers, as did Reagan. 

Biden never had a real job. Even his lifeguard stint as a young man was for the municipality of Wilmington, Delaware. Everything else he has ever done was in the political arena. In contrast Trump never had a government job until he became President. Biden is "deep state. " Trump is for open, clearly visible, government.  Peter  

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