Undiagnosed Aspies - Me?

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Undiagnosed Aspies - Me?

I came across a YouTube channel a year of so ago. The guy who runs it, Paul, says he discovered he was an undiagnosed aspie at 30.

So off he went researching Aspergers sort of like I did with addiction and persuasion and story and neuroscience. Then he set up a blog and started talking about different parts of life from his view as an undiagnosed Aspie as opposed to "neuro-typical" people.

I watched a few videos and they really made me uncomfortable because they were so spot on re me. My discomfort, though, was not in revealing myself or having someone else do it. 

I simply didn't need another topic to do a deep research dive into. And the resonance I felt with this guy was screaming at me that this was something I needed to research.

Well, the following video just came up in my YouTube subscriber feed and I thought, what the hell. This one looks interesting.

It was not just interesting. It was me. It is me.

And it is Ayn Rand. Her heroes are like this.

She wrote them item by item this way in her novels re small talk.

I have always been awkward with small talk for as long as I have been aware of myself.

That is, until much later, when I started learning about nonverbal communication, story, modern psychology and so on.

Then I had something to look at and analyze when a person appeared and started talking about the fucking weather or asking me how things were going.


I'm starting this thread as a start to the research. After that video, I had to throw in the towel and get moving on thisi.

So why not here?

btw - The title could be a lot better: Undiagnosed Aspies - Ayn Rand?


Yup... we are going to have a lot to talk about on this here thread...


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