[Atlasphere]Exciting Changes on the Horizon for the Atlasphere

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It’s time to rejoice! The website is being updated as we speak and we will be rolling out the new changes shortly after the new year. We are modernizing your ability to chat and network as well as optimizing the site for mobile and creating phone apps.

My name is Heather Wagenhals and I am the new publisher and Editor-in-chief for the Atlasphere. The Atlasphere founder Joshua Zader created a vibrant community for admirers of Ayn Rand’s work to share ideas and connect with others personally, professionally, and romantically. My job is to enhance your experience while you are here so you have the ability to make meaningful connections.

Please update your profiles and send me a message to introduce yourself. I am Heather Wags in the directory. Additionally, if you would like to be a contributor to the Atlasphere, submit your ideas for blog posts here or featured columns here.

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