Out of Shadows video

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Out of Shadows video

I'm posting this video without having seen it yet. You can read why on the Trump thread where I was talking about Liz Crokin.

3 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

... on Wikipedia: Liz Crokin, I read this:


Crokin was the central researcher in a conspiracy documentary, OUT OF SHADOWS in 2020, seeing pedophilia in high places in Hollywood, the media, and DC. In the film, Croken identified herself with the anonymous Twitter handle @Crux41507251.

. . .

... I went and looked up Out of Shadows.

That documentary was posted on YouTube on April 10 and now has over 17 million views. So I am posting this in the "For the Children" section.

Here is the documentary:

If it goes down on YouTube, see it here on BitChute or here on Brighteon.

I will write about Out of Shadows after I watch it.


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