In Today's Crazy - Vote with your wallet


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Social media, mainstream media, and the concentration of power in big data are creating a crazy left-wing suppression of anything ... well sane.


"Aunt Jemima" is no more.  The syrup itself will not change and will be just as delicious, but it will be sold under a new logo and name. (By the way, if sales TANK, this might turn out to be a perfect example of how brand name recognition actually... duh...  IS important)


Now buying Aunt Jemima in the past never meant I endorsed the so-called racial stereo type... if anything I liked the idea of a friendly smiling person providing me with trusted delicious syrup... and that was that.  I certainly don't care about the color, religion or occupation of The Quaker guy on my oatmeal box, the cream of wheat fellow, or Uncle Ben (these also may change... with the exception of possibly the white guy in the funny hat)... they do NOT represent to me or any consumer ANYTHING about politics, religion, or socioeconomics... they stand for what they appear to be... a familiar friendly face identifying a product I know, trust, and love... beckoning me to purchase or consume.  If anything, these faces (with one exception) increased visibility of smiling benevolent people of color in the pantries and tables of the homes of mainstream suburban white families.  And now, they will disappear... to be replaced by what?  (white smiling faces? or better yet the mug of a strong white woman who wouldn't stoop to "serve" you your syrup but is nonetheless humble enough to agree to glare at you from the bottle?)

In any case, the products will not change, the syrup, the oatmeal, the cream of wheat, and the rice, will all be just as yummy, and the quality (assuming the "progressives" have not infiltrated the processing plants) should be just as good,  but the absence of the friendly face I knew will be all too apparent... as will the knowledge that the "producers" are pandering to imagined problems screeched about in the Twitverse of clown world.

The wallet is a very powerful tool, you trade for what is a higher value, but you also support individual players or actions within a complex interrelated economy, and affect, as with each purchase being a vote, the way the world is shaped one transaction at a time.


So is it in your interest to taste the same quality of foodstuff you know and once were comforted by... or do you give a different producer a try.. one who has not become part of the circus?  I think there are good arguments for both, but in the end it has to take into account the long term... and having a meal that tastes 5% better tomorrow, might not be worth losing your chance to vote with your wallet to live in a better world long range...

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Just how better a branding agent was Famous Amos than AJ. Nancy Green, who Rush effusively praised as if it mattered. She was an actress, formerly a slave yada yada. In other words she tried out for a part and became an emissary for the product. Who cares? I like Log Cabin and will not be guilt tripped over a building that can be torn down despite my efforts. If only the building could be found it would be a thing.

But clearly an update after 130 yrs is in order. BFFL's Aunt Jemima. Sometimes 130 yrs does change the landscape. Syrups changed. And all's good with the heavy stacks. Move on, nothin to see. As if it mattered. Ive come to think of sugar in any form in small doses as good only for nap time.



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Hmmmm? Let's call the syrup "Auntie Jane" and have a white spokeswoman. And Uncle Ben's rice, can have a very white guy on its box since it is white rice, and the brown rice can have a brown guy named Julio. And don't get me started on those fake commercials where the white parents have two white and one black kid. 

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1 hour ago, Strictlylogical said:

This went right over my head... can you let me in on the joke? 😉


Sure. I donated fifty bucks to Donald Trump and fifty five bucks to Mr. Kelly who has obviously already forgotten the amount  . .   or he thinks I forgot the amount . . . but it is the thought that counts so whatever . 

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6 hours ago, Peter said:

Sure. I donated fifty bucks to Donald Trump and fifty five bucks to Mr. Kelly who has obviously already forgotten the amount  . .   or he thinks I forgot the amount . . . but it is the thought that counts so whatever . 


And here I thought I was the one... the only...

Here comes a crisis of self-esteem...

I need a hug...




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