Current Riots in America (June 2020)

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34 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

With all those BLM and Antifa people screaming and inciting riots right now, President Trump just tweeted this.

I didn’t watch the video.  As you know, I rarely watch videos.  I'll take your word for it that the material is choke-upping.

What I signed on to comment about was Trump's "Thank you, I will never let you down!"

He means it.  He's fully out to give his all for decent Americans.

I think it's the deep sincerity of his commitment which is why the leftists keep accusing him of being a liar.  I think that they sense that he means it and the sincerity terrifies them.

You went on to add the material after "btw" while I was signing in.

I don't know, Michael, about your statement "The anti-Trump people just don't see him. They don't believe he exists."

They don't understand him (I'm assuming what he is from your getting choked up).  But I suspect that their awareness that such people do exist is part of their terror.


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4 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

I don't know, Michael, about your statement "The anti-Trump people just don't see him. They don't believe he exists."

They don't understand him (I'm assuming what he is from your getting choked up).  But I suspect that their awareness that such people do exist is part of their terror.


Maybe. I think the Dems are terrified that a landslide is coming, but in a weird way, I don't think they connect this landslide to actual people. Humans, to them, are people like them. Or racists like Trump, who's popularity to them is a fluke.

I think this is a case where they hold contradictory ideas in their heads and they're fine with doing that. They're not fine about the landslide, but they are fine about feeling that people like that guy are so rare they are negligible: something from the past, maybe from the 1950s, and slightly icky at that. 



One black lady activist recently said, about the Kentucky State AG, Daniel Cameron, that he is in cahoots with the white supremacists because he declared his allegiance to the law above mob rule when he announced the Grand Jury verdict in the Breanna Taylor shooting.

"He's skin folk, not kin folk," is the saying from her that spread like wildfire all over the news today. In the minds of the people who spread that, who heartily agreed with that, AG Cameron is not a person. He's a disgusting fluke like Trump.

They don't see the connection between these "flukes" and the Gary Lambs out there. To them, when they admit people like Gary exist (including the more affluent ones), they talk as if he shouldn't. They want him to be a victim--or a bigot--or to not exist.


Back to Gary Lamb

Anyway, I'll describe Gary Lamb's video and do most of the transcript.

He basically said he had to thank Tim Pool for "unlocking" him about Trump. He talked about his past, how he chose the straight and narrow despite some hard times in life, then went into the back of his truck to show what he does for a living every day.

He went on a rant about how he was finally starting to do well when COVID hit. Then he went unemployed for 8 months, but finally climbed out and kept his credit intact. 

He thinks Trump is a godsend because he said, for the first time in his life, he sees a way out. He sees a way to do well again. His main focus is on feeding his family. But with Biden, he doesn't know what's going to happen.

Now the transcript. I put the part President Trump tweeted in italics (he tweeted only part of the video). I cut out irrelevant stuff like a guy interrupting him to ask if he could return two cases of product and things like that. And I cleaned up a hell of a lot of uhms, repeated words, interrupted thoughts, and so on. In a couple of places, I added a word or two for clarity.

(Heh. I did an ARI edit. :) But with a difference. I kept his meaning as he intended.)


Yo, Tim Pool. I wanted to talk to you directly. 

I don't even know how the hell I'm gonna get this to you or even if you want to even watch it. You know what I'm saying. You probably get so much stuff poured in, you're probably not even gonna look at this thing, but I'm gonna try to make this short... 

. . .

So what I was trying to say is, this video is for Tim Pool. I'm not sure if you're gonna even get this shit, but I really wanted to talk to you directly because I want to say, thank you.

Thank you for your hard work to put this message out there because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have what I got when it comes down to up here [pointing to brains]. I wouldn't have that. I would be still running around contemplating thinking about voting for Biden. Right? 

Because of your diligence... because of your effort and your hard work, you've you freed me from a tyranny that I've been paying into my entire life. 

And let me just give you this quick backstory, just a quick thing. 

I have struggled my entire life. I've struggled to be on the  straight and narrow. I struggle to do the right thing. I struggled to do it properly. All right? 

My father told me to never ever take anything from no one that you didn't deserve. Just don't do it. And I did my damnedest to live up to that legacy.

And it was hard. I could have been a drug dealer. I chose not to. I could have been a rapist. I chose not to. I could have been a murderer. I chose not to. I could have been a whole lot of shit. And I chose not to. 

And the reason why I say this is because of all the things that happened to me in my life. I was molested. I've been robbed by gunpoint. I've had all kinds of... I've had all kinds of ill shit happen to me. I've been jumped, beaten, left for dead. I've had a hell of shit happen to me. Hell of shit. And I still rose to say I'm not going to be that person. 

But it was wearing me down. It was wearing me down. Last year I was ready to take my life, man. Filled with depression. This COVID shit almost killed me. Because finally, for the first time in my life, I was actually doing okay. 

[Feigning talking to himself.] Okay, all right... I'm making some money... got some money in my pocket... all right. My credit's good... all right. I finally... I got a car... it's almost... it's almost paid off. I'm ready to go. Life is gonna get smooth after this, guys. It's gonna get smoother. 

And that's all I kept telling myself to go through this shit. 

Let me just show you what I gotta do. This is what I gotta do every fucking day. And this is a light day today. Let me show you this. [He gets up and goes to the back of the truck.] This is a light day. 

[He opens the back of the truck's trailer showing long rows of sacks and boxes.]

You see that? That is all the shit that I gotta move today. I gotta move all this. [Pointing.] These bags of flour? And they go all the way back, you see? They go all the way back.As a matter of fact, let me get in the truck. [Gets in truck.] So you can see this shit.

See this bag of flour? See that? I have to move all this shit. Okay? We got 50 here. We have 25 here. We have another 18 down here, and another 15 here. All right? All this has to be moved. [Pointint to a pile of smaller sacks.] And I can't tell you how many of these are. You see all that? All this. 

Every one of these bags are 50 pounds. Okay? Then we have these eggs. 30 dozens of eggs (per box). Right? You see how far down it goes? Okay? See? 

We got almost, what? We got 17... 4... so that's 21... And then we have another, yeah, so we have 21 boxes of these eggs right here. And we got all this extra shit. 

Then we have these cream cheeses. Right here? You see these? See these boxes? These are 50 pounds as well. I got 13 of those. Again, this is a light day. All right? 

This is tuna fish, right? This is tuna. These right here. 50 pounds. Light day, remember? These right here... I have almost... one two three... I 12 or 15 of those I got to move. All 15 pounds--I mean 50 pounds. All right? 

I gotta move all this shit. All this shit by hand. We're filming all this shit that's got to be moved by hand. Granted, we got a dolly, so it's, you know, it's not too big of a deal. But this is a light day for me. 

I get paid 120 dollars a day to do this shit. This is a light day. And after that I got to go straight over... Go home, jump in the bed and get a quick nap, and then I got to go and do Amazon Flex. Okay? 

That's how I live my life. This is work for me. This is work. This is what I got to do. All right? 

And I struggled doing dumb shit like this most of my fucking life. 

I struggled doing all kinds of shit--wiping people's asses, wiping their noses, and all this other stuff. Taking crap out of their butt because they they crap on themselves because they can't control themselves... because I used to deal with the mental and physically disabled. 

I used to have to do all that just to have good credit. Just to rebuild my credit. That's it. It took me 10 years to build my credit. 10 years to get where I'm at today. I'm almost 40 years old. I'm 39. I just hit 39 years old. And all I can say is I got good credit. 

I don't own no house. I don't have no money in the bank. And that's because of COVID... 

Because I was doing pretty good. But I realized that was because of Trump. The reason I was doing pretty good last year... because of Trump. 

Because giving... the Democrats never gave me shit. Not a fucking thing. Up until January first this year I was unemployed for eight months because I lost my fucking... I lost my ability to work at fucking Uber because my goddamn mirror got jocked up. They just... they just deactivated my car. And I didn't have 500 dollars to fix my mirror. 

So I was stuck. They wouldn't help me. Nobody else would help me. Unemployment wouldn't help me. I was stuck. 

And I was able to dig myself out and still hold on to my credit, which was a blessing. It was a blessing. I can't even... I can't tell you how I did it. But I did it. 

To me, Trump is a freaking godsend. To me, Trump is what is life. To me, Trump is a second chance. ... To me, Trump is a second chance. 

So when you say, he's meeeehhh... I'm like, nah, dude. He's way more than that. He's way more than that. 

You see, I don't have the luxury to worry about freaking Roe versus Wade. I have no... I don't have the luxury to worry about that. I'm too busy trying to keep my family fed to think about that. 

And for the first goddamn time in my life I actually see a way out. I see a way out. Something I've never seen before. I see a way out, man. And... just that little bit of hope is enough for me to have a fire in my belly powerful to freaking charge the goddamn world, man.

I'm ready to take over, but if Biden gets into office, man, I don't know what I'm gonna do. 

So I'm saying, thank you, to you because you unlocked me and I'm sure you unlocked a lot of people. There is a silent majority out there, man. I talk to them every day. 

I just came out of... I went to... I work for mostly hours, right? I went to an hour place, right? And I asked him, who who are you voting for? You know, it's safe... he said, TRUMP. And I was like, I hugged him so hard. He was like, aaaaaaaaahhh.... what the?... I was like, I'm sorry. This is... I'm so excited to hear you say that because I was nervous. Because all I see is Biden signs everywhere I go. And I'm like, please Lord, don't let this guy win. You know what I'm saying? 

But there is a silent majority out there. I talk to them. They're workers like me who didn't care about politics. They didn't even think about politics. They didn't want to talk about politics. I got people that I work with on a daily basis saying, Yo, man. We gotta do something. 

Thank you, man. Thank you for unlocking me. Thank you for unlocking other people. Because had I stayed asleep, ain't no telling what would have happened, man. Ain't no telling. I just want to say, thank you, man. 

I know this video is long as hell but I needed to show you this so you can see: this is what I'm fighting for. Just to be able to take care of my family. I'm fighting for my family. I'm voting for my family. And I'm voting for black people like me trying to do the same damn thing. 

There are black people out here that don't want to turn to crime. They don't want to do bad things. They don't want to do horrible things. I'm one of those men. 

God knows, with the shit that went on in my life, there's no fucking way I should be any... I should be... I should be in jail right now. For what happened to me. 

I've been jumped. I've been molested. I've been robbed. I've had all kinds of crazy shit after me. Left for dead. 

And I still decided to choose the right damn path. So it's possible. 

Keep doing what you do, man. I appreciate you.

Even reading it just now, I got a lump in my throat. I've lived that life when I first started working. That was my parents' life for a good deal of their lives (and my entire childhood). Not trucking, but manual labor and low pay.

I have yet to feel awareness of that image--as real people in the here and now and in abundance--when talking to lefties and anti-Trumpers. When they do admit to this image, they always talk as if they are referring to some distant stereotype from the past that no longer exists except as a fluke.

On that level, they don't see Trump supporters. They just see Trump votes. They know those votes are out there, but they don't know how in hell that happens. And I agree with you that this terrifies them.


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As long as we are in tear-jerker mode, here's another.

I think everybody agrees that emotion is more important during elections than facts. All the dirty tricks are about trying to elicit an emotional response in voters.

One of the most powerful emotions is outrage. But this has been hammered nonstop so much by the left, and people are getting sick and tired and profoundly irritated by the riots, I think they blew main weapon.

To counter, President Trump pushes a feel good about America emotion, with related emotions, that generates huge crowds. 

Now a new one appeared (to me at least) on a topic that traditionally generates emotion: abortion. But this one is not standard. It is special.

Forget about what your views on abortion are. Just watch this video and feel the emotional draw. Then imagine what this is going to do re votes.



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8 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Now the transcript.

Thank you for the transcript.

It makes me feel awful about how hard a struggle that man, Gary Lamb, has had.  And grateful to Tim Pool for "unlocking" him about Trump.  And more angry than I already was about the engineered virus that was unleashed on the world.

8 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I have yet to feel awareness of that image--as real people in the here and now and in abundance--when talking to lefties and anti-Trumpers. When they do admit to this image, they always talk as if they are referring to some distant stereotype from the past that no longer exists except as a fluke.

I've gotten a different feeling, a sense of a sort of superstitious fear, as if of spirits they hadn't expected spreading through the country.  Definitely a mystification as to where all the Trump supporters are coming from.

I have a very limited sample, just people I overhear talking at restaurants or stores, and an occasional conversation with someone from the academic community.


Lamb comments that he sees Biden placards everywhere.  I wonder where he lives. So far, in my neighborhood - which is comprised mostly of blacks of Caribbean Island, especially Jamaican, descent - there aren't any Biden placards.  No Trump placards either.  Nothing.  As if this weren't a presidential election fall.


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1 hour ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

there aren't any Biden placards.  

Going to the dump in a predominantly black neighborhood in Berlin Maryland, for the first time in my life, I saw two Biden signs. In my rural area there are four Trump signs on the two roads I travel, including one just across the road from my house. I am thinking about getting one and I still may do that.  

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I ordered a Trump sign off of Amazon and it was easy. I think it was around 14 bucks with free shipping. I tried to get a Trump / Maryland Representative Andy Harris sign and I could not order one, even though I have seen them on the road. Weird. I even called the local RNC in Ocean Pines, Maryland and that number is no longer in use. Maybe they all came down with the creepy Covid-19? I have not yet received my write in voting card in the mail, though I asked for one a couple of weeks ago. If I don't get one, I will vote in person. The first debate is Tuesday.   

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1 minute ago, Peter said:

All crimes. Can you tell me how to getta way wit it?   


That's easy.

Register as a Democrat.


If you do it right, your dog can vote for Trump and nobody will even notice.

Among the people overseeing the tallies, the Trump people will see a Trump vote and say, "Legitimate, next..." and the Biden people will see that a dog voted and quickly put the next ballot on top of it. They will want to hide it before someone notices the voter was a dog. They will automatically assume the dog voted for Biden and chortle softly to themselves in congratulations that they got away with it.



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On 9/17/2020 at 5:58 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

It looks like the whole Marxist infiltration of the USA school system is going to take a serious fall. The jig is up when it is stated as clearly as it is by a President of the USA.

President Trump even mentioned Howard Zinn as one of the evil ones.

Thank God.


Now the world can start becoming sane again.

It will take a while to clean the mess up, but this particular Marxist project--anti-American indoctrination in the education system--that has lasted decades just took a fatal blow


It's already working.

This parent from Honduras (in her thick Latin accent) made mince-meat out of a teacher for kicking her 10-year-old son out of online class because the kid said he admired President Trump.

Rantz: Video shows Tacoma teacher scold 10-year-old for admiring Trump


The morning after the world learned President Donald Trump contracted the coronavirus, a Seattle-area teacher went on a rant about the president to sixth graders. When a mom complained, he misled her about what happened. Luckily, the mom recorded the incident on her cell phone.

Brendan Stanton, a middle school teacher at P.G. Keithley Middle School in Tacoma, asked students who they admired and why. One student answered President Trump. That triggered Stanton.

Not only did the teacher boot the student from the chat, he proceeded to scold the child for his “inappropriate” answer.

. . .

Teacher snaps when student supported Trump

Elsy Kusander’s 10-year-old son logged into his remote classes for another day of online learning on Friday, Oct. 2. Little did he know he’d be scolded for his support for Trump.

Each day, Stanton asks his students a daily question. This time he asked students, “Who is the one person you admire and why?” Students are asked to write their answers in the online chatroom. According to a screenshot, Kusander’s son wrote:

I admire Donald J. Trump because he is making America great again. And because he is the best president the United States of America could ever, ever have. And he built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come into in the U.S. Trump is the best person in the world. And that’s why I had admire him.

Stanton almost immediately kicked the student out of the chatroom, deleted the chat, and proceeded to attack the president, while calling out the student for mentioning him. The student, who I am keeping anonymous, immediately told his mother.

. . .

Trump name triggered teacher

When Kusander came into the room to see what happened, she heard Stanton berating the president. She started to film the comments on her cell phone.

“The example that was shared in the chat, which I went ahead and erased for us, was not appropriate right? Especially as that individual has created so much division and hatred between people and specifically spoken hatred to many different individuals, OK?,” Stanton told his students.

Stanton was so offended, he apparently wouldn’t even say the president’s name. Instead, he referred to Trump as “that individual.” But he wasn’t done.

“Again, that individual has spoken hate to many individuals and I don’t think is an appropriate example for a role model that we should be admiring,” Stanton concluded.

Kusander was shocked at Stanton’s comments.

“I went into my son’s room and I heard the teacher saying that this individual is hateful and divisive, etc. I started to record,” Kusander told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “How can a teacher be teaching to his students horrible things about the president of the country without facts?”

The rest of the story is that Kusander (the kid's mom) demanded a phone call with the teacher, it happened and she recorded it.

The teacher gave her the royal runaround ("I appreciate you comment and xxxxxxxxx, but yyyyyyy") about what he said and why he said it and why he deleted it. He was completely misleading if not outright lying in places. Shge wanted him to put back up the deleted part and he wouldn't.

Then she finally told the teacher she recorded what happened with her smartphone and his tune changed instantly, starting with an apology


If you have time, read the article and listen to the recording of the phone call. It's all a bit long, but it's a fascinating look into a part of America you just don't get in the media. 

What's worse, the lady, in a very calm voice, crucified the teacher over and over with his own bromides about respecting the opinions of everyone and so on--saying she teaches these things to her son just like the school does and, further, said that, regarding politics, the teacher himself had a right to his own opinion just like her son does--and he couldn't weasel his way out of it (but he sure tried :) ).

Now that teacher is famous. I hope he enjoys his fame. :) 


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There's a guy hanging off the side of Trump Tower in Chicago saying he will cut his rope if he doesn't get to talk to President Trump. He's been there for about 12 hours so far.

Knife Wielding Man Dangling From Trump Tower Says He is ‘Member of Black Lives Matter’ on Facebook Live, Demands to Speak to Trump

His English is so bad, it's obvious he's an immigrant. I don't know if he is legal or illegal.

But this leads me to believe something. It's a speculation, but I think it has merit in light of all the events that have happened over the Trump presidency.

1. This is an October surprise that has been planned and now executed by some nasty bad guys.

2. Following the habit of Deep State spooks and others who know their techniques, this poor soul was emotionally imbalanced in a form that was detectable by the surveillance state mechanisms--even though he might look normal on the surface. He had a person come into his life not too long ago who was an instant soul-mate. 

3. His covert handler, over time, led him in a direction toward committing an act of madness, then recently pushed his buttons hard.

4. No matter whether he lives or dies, this soul-mate friend will disappear, if he or she has not already done so.

Oh yeah...

I forgot...

If this disturbed person actually plummets to his death, I bet there are BLM riots already geared up to happen in Chicago and all across America.

If that is the case, I bet the handler put in a few triggers to prompt the man to cut his rope during negotiations.

There are no guarantees in this kind of operation because once hot button trigger gets pushed in a person so targeted and prepared, anything can happen. But this one, if my speculation bears out, is well-executed.

Don't forget this when you vote.

Even if I'm wrong, the Deep State does this stuff. So do radicals. I've read descriptions of this as a formal technique. I'm only able to formulate my speculation right now from this study and seeing it happen before.

Remember the guy in the Las Vegas hotel who shot up a bunch of people watching a show on the Las Vegas Strip? He's a good example of how this comes off without a hitch. The authorities still don't know the motive and can't find the soul-mate friend if they are even looking, for that matter. Either that, or they know and have covered it up for whatever reasons.


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The man hanging from Trump Tower situation just got resolved peacefully and no one got hurt.

Man in custody after hanging off Trump Tower for more than 13 hours

If I'm wrong about my speculations, I'm quite happy to be wrong. Nobody hurt? Hell, yeah...

But unbelievably, I have seen some tweets by people frustrated that it ended well. They are saying things like Trump will now say in his rallies that people love him so much, they climb his hotels to get to him.


btw - Here is a quick interview as he is being taken away.



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2 hours ago, tmj said:

Not for nothing, but Noam Chomsky is old enough to be his dad...


And it's weird he would hang outside Trump Tower in order to get Chomsky's message to President Trump.

If that doesn't sound like an agenda fostered by a handler based on his imbalances, I don't know what does.

This poor guy needs to be deprogrammed before being charged.


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On 6/7/2020 at 4:11 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

... it looks like this was cold-blooded murder. It looks like the cop Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in cold blood out of a power trip.

I need to correct myself.

I am not proud of that statement. It was factual in that the camera angle and length of time did make it look like cold-blooded murder, but the way I said that still smells like spin. Not one of my finer moments. Kind of like throwing a stone at the man the mob wants to lynch. 

And now? It's really hard to look at the following and think murder.


Add that to the fact that Floyd had enough narcotics (including fentanyl) in him to kill 4 human beings minimum, this makes me more disgusted with the current media and propaganda culture than ever.

The public got snookered.

And now, if the jury has at least one rational person on it who has the balls to stay true to his or her integrity, there are going to be riots in 2021 because facts hurt to race-baiting power-mongers. Especially the fake news media. Then they gin the mob up which lashes out and hurts innocent people.



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10 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

And now, if the jury has at least one rational person on it who has the balls to stay true to his or her integrity, there are going to be riots in 2021 because facts hurt to race-baiting power-mongers. Especially the fake news media. Then they gin the mob up which lashes out and hurts innocent people.



“Cities Will Be on Fire” – Black Lives Matter Activist Warns “All Hell Will Break Loose” If Officer Chauvin Is Not Convicted in George Floyd Death


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On 4/6/2021 at 2:10 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

And now, if the jury has at least one rational person on it who has the balls to stay true to his or her integrity,

I have been watching the prosecution. Was it a cop just doing his duty, manslaughter, something in between or a homicide? I have watched the tape a number of times and I think it was homicide. 

edit. The defense has begun with "Chauvin arrived and saw Floyd resisting." I agree. Floyd was a bit "wild."  

edit edit. After re-watching Floyd's continuous struggling and did he try to bite the officer? I would change my verdict to less than murder, but still it was "negligence." The EMT's could have been there in three minutes to sedate and help Floyd with his breathing but they took longer.      

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17 minutes ago, tmj said:


He struggled a lot and called for his mother over and over again. He was violent, and you can see something white in his mouth, which the defense said could be banana, gum, or drugs. The pills found around the car were old and newly dropped. The older pills looked like they had begun to disintegrate. I think he was "swallowing the evidence, and that is what was in his mouth: more drugs. He had a 90 percent blockage of a heart artery on the right side, also. I think it is a possibility there will be a hung jury, but we shall see. I am sure the authorities in several cities are preparing for criminal rioting. If you were on the jury . . . ?  

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