One Degree of Separation From a Psychopath


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  • 4 weeks later...

This thread has renewed interest because Saturday Biddle announced the creation of the “Objective Standard Institute.”  I added some of the details to the end of
The Center of Mass Shifts Further
(After opening that page, if you had visited before you might need to press your browser’s refresh key, typically F5 or Ctrl R, to the see the update.)


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Biddle is based in Glen Allen, VA but OSI is doing some of its business from Laguna Hills, CA which is where Barney is.

I suspect Barney controls this new show, and since Peikoff just gave Barney permission to broadcast his past lectures as well as use Rand’s name, Barney may do it through OSI.


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It turns out, according to Craig Biddle, that OSI is incorporated in Glen Allen, VA (like TOS) but he himself has moved to Laguna Hills, CA.  What was the point of moving there if not to be near Carl Barney?

Peikoff did stupid things when he was younger so we can't be sure his current liaison with Barney is just due to old age.

Barney would not call himself a Scientologist but in my opinion he is still influenced by its ideas and procedures.




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