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I read the book as a boy this was based on: "Cochise, Apache Warrior and Statesman". Jeffords wanted safe passage for the stage coaches through southeastern Arizona so this one-armed man rode alone right into Cochise's stronghold and made a deal with Cochise. Talk about guts!

The real story got Hollywooded, of course.


I'm sure the book had isues too

a little research tells the movie was based on the novel "Blood Brother" and I must have read a boys' book which was likely fairly accurste

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We are up to season two of Netflix’s “Frontier.” It is very violent but exciting. It highlights the importance of the Hudson Bay Company’s fur trading to the economy at that time and its effect on Britain, Canada, Inuit’s, American Indians, and Americans. Not to lighten its affect, but there are some very good characters who you will cheer on or boo. Peter    

Netflix has allegedly canceled the Jason Momoa-led television series Frontier after just three seasons. What’s on Netflix reported that the historical drama about the North American fur trade of 1700 Canada did not get an order for a fourth season.

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