Would you give John Galt physics lessons for free?


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I would not. He would not be interested.

But I would teach him to ride fast. Dagny has a thing for men who control danger and speed, (see Francisco motorboat river scene, Part I Ch V.) She’s not getting any younger and if I am in the Gulch taking her on rides and making her feel young again, well, he’s going to have to learn to ride.

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12 hours ago, atlashead said:

I would, if you give man a full education they act on full virtue.  To learn that the materials they chose could have ~become a particle accelerator instead of a massive battery imo is one of the moralest things one can do.

I don't know what the Objectivist/correct response to the question in the thread title is but it reminds me of a little story.

Nana Mouskouri's talent for music was discovered at the age of 7. She took music lessons but at the age of 12 her parents were too poor to be able to afford her music lessons. The music teacher was so impressed by Nana's talent for music that she gave music lessons for free. Later Nana went to singing school for 8 years.

Nana went all over the world, singing in the language of each country, 15 languages. She set a record for the most music sales, worldwide, for a female singer. Not bad for someone born with a defective vocal cord.


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